• Cultivora's 5 Top Picks for Decibel Festival

    By Amanda Rohowsky September 25, 2012

    Less than one week until the highly anticipated Decibel festival. Organizers bring the four day long event to another level this year with an exceptional line-up, loads of informational conferences, newly extended support from local venues, and a stacked set of boat parties for those who like to dance on water. Click through to read about a few artists we can't wait to see.

  • Cultivora's 5 Top Picks for Dimensions Festival

    By Amanda Rohowsky August 31, 2012

    We’ve got less than one week until the worlds most educated party people touch down in Croatia for the much-anticipated premiere of Dimensions Festival. Let’s talk about the artists we just can’t wait to see...

  • Day Four at Decibel

    By Amanda Rohowsky October 01, 2012

    With faint hints of fatigue starting to creep in, day four of Decibel gently cradled its attendees, offering a much needed recharge with outdoor tunes and tons of fall sunshine. Click through to read about all the festivities.

  • Day One at Decibel

    By Amanda Rohowsky September 27, 2012

    The festivities have officially commenced and day one was nothing short of spectacular. Whether absorbing creativity at a conference, watching the ambient Optical show, or getting low at a showcase, it was clear Decibel put it all on the line.

  • Day Three at Decibel

    By Amanda Rohowsky September 29, 2012

    Day three of Decibel was jam packed with events. The conferences were high caliber and the most inspirational thus far, parties were plentiful, and showcases were in such abundance we had to toss a coin to discern our next steps. Click through to read about all the fun.

  • Day Two at Decibel

    By Amanda Rohowsky September 29, 2012

    Day two proved to be a major success. Still fresh after the first day of Decibel, festivalgoers were bright, cheery, and ready to absorb and contribute to the flows of creativity. One thing to note, schedule changes do happen, and the mobile application is not always the most up to date source of information. We suggest checking your social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) for any changes so you stay in the know.

  • Decibel Delivers for Ninth Installment

    By Amanda Rohowsky October 04, 2012

    Sunday night proved to be the perfect culminating event of the weekend, with the Friends of Friends showcase and DB Finale party sending us home satiated and inspired. Before we get into our full review, keep reading to hear more about our last night in Seattle.

  • Recap: Reaching New Dimensions in Croatia

    By Amanda Rohowsky September 11, 2012

    Dimensions Festival 2012 was otherworldly -- the mystical forts of Punta Christo made for nothing less than a magical experience. Stages were nicely placed, close enough together and each with a unique feel that cushioned you with beautiful surroundings. Click through for photos from the festival by Oliver Correa.