• Industry Insider: Eric Murphy of Pop2Life

    By Maressa Levy May 02, 2013

    New York City -- Pop2Life founder Eric Murphy recently took a break from his busy schedule to talk to Cultivora about why pop culture drives consumer behavior, the changing music industry, and more.

  • Industry Insider: Joanne Abbot Green of CMJ Music Marathon

    By Marjana Jaidi October 09, 2013

    New York City -- CMJ Music Marathon’s founder and executive producer gives us the scoop on the event we all know and love.

  • Industry Insider: Josh Bhatti of The Bowery Presents Boston

    By Maressa Levy September 06, 2013

    Boston, Massachusetts -- Cultivora spoke with Josh Bhatti of The Bowery Presents Boston just two days before the second edition of Boston Calling, Boston's newest (and only) large scale festival.

  • Industry Insider: Mike Judy and Kevin Gales of Easy Killer

    By Laura Baker-Finch July 17, 2013

    Mike Judy and Kevin Gales launched Easy Killer Records & Apparel earlier this year with a small yet solid roster. Click through for an interview with the founders about the evolving industry, their launching roster, and the merits of being a lifestyle brand.

  • Industry Insider: Philip Blaine on the Art of Coachella

    By Marjana Jaidi February 27, 2014

    We sat down with Philip Blaine, a festival consultant, producer, and art curator for Coachella, to discuss the importance of art installations at music festivals.

  • Industry Insider: The Brains Behind Gov Ball

    By Marjana Jaidi January 16, 2014

    New York City -- Last month, I stopped by the Founders Entertainment office to check in with the Gov Ball's founders - Jordan Wolowitz, Tom Russell, and Yoni Reisman - to find out what's in store for the future.

  • Industry Insider: Toffer Christensen of T Presents

    By Maressa Levy March 21, 2013

    New York City -- A 12-year industry veteran, Toffer Christensen recently launched his own boutique talent buying firm, T Presents, in Brooklyn.

  • Industry Insider: Tom Silverman of New Music Seminar

    By Maressa Levy June 10, 2013

    We sat down with industry visionary Tom Silverman to talk festivals, mobile devices, and the future of the music business.