• A Guide to Richmond, Virginia for the Musically Inclined

    By Alyssa Buffenstein April 03, 2014

    Richmond, Virginia -- We compiled the city’s prime musical spots to visit, along with some of the best annual festivals to help you time your trip. 

  • Berlin Festival Changes Venue to Arena Park

    By Maya Shaw-Faber August 06, 2014

    Berlin, Germany -- Berlin's premier music festival is changing venues to allow for 48 hour programming and a few new features.

  • Decibel 2014 Announces Second Round Events

    By Maya Shaw-Faber July 23, 2014

    Seattle, Washington -- Decibel has announced the second wave of events at three new venues and individual tickets to all events are now available.

  • Get Turned On (To Great Music) at Le Foufounes Electriques

    By Rose Mardit March 28, 2012

    Once upon a time, a group of friends decided that Montreal's underground scene needed its own after-hours watering hole and cultural hotspot. Lovers of experimental and contemporary art found a home at Les Foufounes Electriques, which means "electric ass" in English (though Google Translate has another interesting suggestion). It wasn't long before live music became an important part of the mix, and ultimately the reason that Foufs is still highly regarded, nearly 30 years later.

  • New Venue Review: Stage 48 in New York City

    By Marjana Jaidi January 16, 2013

    New York City -- Last Saturday, we headed to NYC's newest music venue, Stage 48, for a performance by Wu Tang Clan founding member, Gza. Read on for our rundown of the venue's pros and cons.

  • New Venue Review: SubCulture in New York City

    By Maressa Levy May 23, 2013

    New York City -- We took a trip to SubCulture, NoHo's newest music venue, earlier this week to catch Mary Lambert's show and to get a rundown of the new establishment.

  • NXNE Prelude: The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

    By Safa Jinje June 06, 2012

    In its sixty-five years of operation, the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto has garnered a legendary reputation for booking great live acts before their imminent rise to fame.

  • Ric's Bar & Brisbane's Live Music Scene

    By Laura Baker Finch February 21, 2012

    Brisbane's local music scene has aided monumentally in transforming the city from a Big Country Town into its more recent moniker, Brisvegas. As an integral part of Brisbane's live music scene, Ric's Bar fosters local talent and is a guaranteed good time any night of the week.

  • Victory Still Sweet at Jazz and Blues Beacon

    By Rose Mardit March 13, 2012

    With nearly 200 music venues, there's a reason Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. Jazz, blues, folk, country, and punk have all had heydays here. Sitting at 1104 E. 11th Street, the Victory Grill is one of the locations that has shaped the musical landscape of the city, but the journey hasn't been without its roadblocks.