10 Outkast Songs We Really Want to Hear on This Tour (but Probably Won't)

posted by Dan Murphy on March 27, 2014

Outkast via the band's website

Stank your lucky stars, it happened. After a subpar soundtrack album and a six-year hiatus, Outkast have returned to the stage for a tour of over 40 festivals. Call me a cynic, but I have a suspicion that the funky duo from Atlanta won't hit too many deep cuts on this run. Festival crowds are there to see twenty different acts, so it's likely that the group will lean towards the hits from more recent albums – although it will be awesome to hear tens of thousands of people all scream "Hey Ya!" at an event that's not a mid-2000s New Year's Eve party. 

But if you, like me, are holding out hope for the old school funk and weirdness that was Outkast in its heyday, add these to your anticipation playlist - or follow ours at the bottom.


This title track and lead single off of Outkast's first album was the introduction to the new wave of funky hip hop coming up from the south. Although "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" is one of the most important tracks from their catalogue, it's also now twenty years old and might be a turn-off to the younger festival crowds. I would be ecstatically surprised if we heard it on this tour. 


This track from 1996's ATLiens shows Andre 3000 and Big Boi at their most honest and vulnerable. Throw in dark back-up vocals, funky wah-wah guitar, and a subdued bassline and you find a terribly affecting song. Probably too low-key for a big festival (especially from the band that made "B.O.B.") so we'll be lucky if it shows up on a setlist. 

"Jazzy Belle"

This was a minor single on ATLiens so it's ridiculously unlikely that we'll hear it this tour. I'm sending my prayers out to the gods of the rhythm. It's. So. Damn. Smooth.


Now this one is just simply out of the question. Not only is it the antithesis of a pump-up song, but it also requires appearances from CeeLo Green, Erykah Badu, and Big Rube. But damn it if this isn't one of the best Outkast songs. Andre and Big Boi deliver two short verses over a dark piano line before stepping aside and letting their collaborators wax philosophical on the troubles of stardom, civil rights, and personal freedom. Outkast delved into some morbid themes on Aquemini, and "Liberation" is the emotive culmination of that darkness. 

"Gasoline Dreams"

Wouldn't it be amazing if they started a set with this raucous opener from 2000's Stankonia, with Andre screaming "Alright!" at an audience twenty times before declaring that everybody loves the smell of gasoline? The guitar line in this one shows a clear Hendrix influence (or obsession), which makes it all the more fitting that Andre will be playing him in a biopic to be released later this year. 

"Humble Mumble"

This could be selfish on my part, but all that I really want out of the Outkast reunion is to hear these words come out of Andre's mouth: "I stank I can, I stank I can! The funky engine that could!" Oh yeah, the rest of the song is hip hop gold. Big Boi destroys a verse, the beat gets turned on it's head for Andre's, and Erykah Badu adds in backing vocals before her closing remarks. Makes you wonder if she and Andre ever buried the hatchet...

"Stankonia (Stanklove)"

Am I wrong to assume that Dre and Big Boi wouldn't throw in a slow seven minute kush-laced jam into a set for festival crowds? Maybe, maybe not. Let's hope the ATL duo sees enough smoke rising from the audience. 

"Ghetto Musick"

This song was a single, and a damned good one at that. It also happened to be on the same release as "Roses," "The Way You Move," and "Hey Ya!"…so no one really gave a shit unfortunately. It's not impossible that we'll hear this song on the reunion tour, so keep your fingers crossed. Watch out for the crazy tempo changes and Big Boi's utter destruction of the English language.

"Love Hater"

Man, The Love Below was weird. Wonderful and weird. Andre 3000 decided he was going to make an album that he didn't really rap on and go all Hendrix-freak-out-to-jazzy-Miles-Davis-psychosis on everyone? Whatever, this shit rules.


I was thirteen when this album came out, and it still took me a while to get into the group. I think it was hearing this song that made me realize the genius that is Andre 3000. Jazz piano and trumpet solos over a marching band beat? Vocal effects that wouldn't be popular for another ten years (looking at you, Odd Future)? Who is this man? What does he know that we don't?!

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