2 Dead, 23 Injured in SXSW Tragedy

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 13, 2014

Austin police chief at site of incident via Ariel Zambelich for WIRED


Austin, Texas -- At 12:30am Austin time on the corner of East 10th Street and Red River Street, two people were killed and 23 others were injured after a car drove through a temporary barricade set up for SXSW

The lone male driver hit multiple pedestrians as well as two moped passengers, the deceased, on a busy street outside of a House of Vans showcase at The Mohawk. The driver is said to have been driving under the influence and is now in custody to be charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault, according to a press conference with Austin chief of police, Art Acevedo. 

The tragedy occurred as police began to check for DWIs, prompting the suspect to speed away from police down the wrong way of a one-way street. While the suspect was being pursued, the driver accelerated, drove through the temporary barricade, and struck multiple people. The suspect continued to drive for two additional blocks, when he crashed into the two moped passengers in addition to a taxi. 

After the accident, the suspect left his car to flee on foot, but officers shocked him with a stun gun and apprehended him. 

The tragedy took place while X played inside The Mohawk for the House of Vans showcase. The remainder of Vans' early morning shows, including Tyler, the Creator's set, were subsequently cancelled. In response, the artist tweeted, "Show Isn't Happening, Something Sad Happened. I'm Bummed." 

For everyone at SXSW right now, be safe and look after each other. 

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