Chromeo Talks EDC, Coachella, and "Jealous" at the Samsung Front Row Event in NYC

posted by Marjana Jaidi on June 27, 2014

Yours truly with Chromeo and Natalie Zfat in the photo booth by The Bosco. 

New York City -- Last night, Samsung launched its Shape Summer Mix Series at the Mondrian SoHo with an intimate Q&A between Chromeo and Andrew Hampp ofBillboard. Read on for highlights from the conversation, from Dave 1 and P-Thugg's recent festival adventures to the journey that led to their biggest year yet. 

On their EDC Vegas experience:
[It was] furry. Furry tops, furry bottoms, everything furry. Very furry, very glowing. We're sort of neophytes to the big EDM rave festival world - we were like the only live band there. We actually didn't know how to spell 'kandi', somebody corrected us on twitter, but it went well, it went really well.

On quitting their day jobs and focusing on music:
P moved to New York, I stopped all my teaching and academic activities and we both decided to concentrate full time on making the record that was going to be the most challenging record of our careers. So that's why it took two years to finish, we really wanted to push ourselves and to challenge ourselves. It was album number four, so we wanted to set a new bar for ourselves and really work hard. The record is more musically ambitious than our previous work.

On teaming up with Mallard Air for their upcoming Frequent Flyer Tour:
We can't talk about that until Monday, but we can say this… Everything that we do, even if there's some humor attached to it, has to feel like a cohesive art project. With this album, you can really see the shift from "Chromeo the quirky electro band," to "Chromeo the performance artists." The visual language extends beyond just the artwork and the music and the videos, and kind of rubs off on other platforms. So if we're going to call the tour "Frequent Flyer", then we want there to be a whole project or enterprise around it so that it makes a story. So we'll see it unfold this week.

On their hit single, "Jealous:"
To some of the people that have been following Chromeo for a while, it sounds like the quintessential Chromeo song. All the tropes are there: the funkiness, the catchiness, the eighties reference; but "Jealous" is actually our most high-octane track. It's everything that Chromeo's ever been about, but packaged in something that's so powerful that you can bring it to the radio, it could be like a Top 40 record. So in a way, it's the record that we're the most proud of, because a lot of people make sacrifices when they go for Top 40, but we just made the quintessential Chromeo track. 

On their new live show and playing the Coachella main stage:
Dave 1: The shows have been going really well. The same high standards that we imposed on ourselves for the album, we translated to the live show. We decided to revamp our entire stage show, because we've played every festival, we felt like people had expectations of Chromeo, and we needed to trump them. We basically spent all our recording and publishing advanced building a new stage setup, where everything is chrome - we got this crazy French contemporary artist to create these cubes that you might have seen at Terminal 5. There's two mirrors, all this light intricacy. The fourth show we played was the Coachella main stage. P and I don't usually get nervous, but before that show, we were nervous. I remember P was dressed in like, roadie attire. He had a Harley Davidson headband and sweatpants. He was like schvitzing before the show, running around. There were like, 40, 50,000 people there, right as it got dark, it was an amazing time slot. Once we finished we had no idea, we were like, alright, show over. Everyone around us was like, 'God, this went really well - like game-changingly well."

Samsung Shape Summer Mix Series Timelapse from The Bosco on Vimeo.

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