5 Car Games to Play on Your Next Festival Roadtrip

posted by Ilana Dadras on June 18, 2014

By Suzanne Tucker

Whether you're jumping in your mom's car and driving from San Fran to Outside Lands, renting an RV and trekking from NYC to Bonnaroo, or caravaning your way from bumblef*ck, Connecticut to Firefly, chances are, if you're a music lover, you'll find yourself road tripping to a festival at some point in your life. 

While I pray you plan your journey better than the 17-hour abomination of a road trip my brother and I took to The Farm last year, odds are you'll still get bored, hungry, and tired of life in the back seat. Here are 5 games to keep your spirits up, eyes on the road, and mind on the festival. Safe travels!

I'm Going to *Festival*, and I'm Bringing...

Classic Rules:
The first person starts the game by saying,"I'm goin on a picnic and I'm taking..." That person starts with the letter "A". The second person repeats the first part of the sentence, repeats what the first person is bringing and then adds something starting with the letter "B". 

This continues around with everyone starting with the first part of the sentence and repeating what the previous people brought and adding the next letter of the alphabet with their own must-have item. 

Festival Edition
Well, you're going to (*insert festival you're traveling to here*)... so what are you bringing? 
Your game might go something like this: 
Player A: "I'm going to Bonnaroo and I'm taking Acid" 
Player B: "I'm going to Bonnaroo and I'm taking Acid and Bananas." 
Player C: "I'm going to Bonnaroo and I'm taking Acid, Bananas, and Charmin Ultra toilet paper."
Player A: "I'm going to Bonnaroo and I'm taking Acid, Bananas, Charmin Ultra toilet paper, and Dunkaroos."

By Laura Baker-Finch


Classic Rules:
One rider hums a song and the other passengers try to guess the track and artist. The person who guesses correctly goes next. The first rider to guess three songs wins!

Festival Edition
The catch = the song must be by a band on the festival's lineup. No exceptions. 

Optional rules / Variations: the song must be the tune you expect a band to open with, the song must be the *first single* of a band, the song must be by one of the headliners... 

Mix-Tape Mash-Up

Classic Rules:
One rider plays a song off of their CD, iPod, phone, whatever. The first person in the group who is able to correctly identify the song or artist gets a point.  That person then chooses the next song off of their device. The winner is the first to get to five points.

Festival Edition
You guessed it - the song must be by a band playing the festival you are about to attend! 

Never Have I Ever...

Classic Rules:
Players take turns saying "Never have I ever…" statements. A few examples: "Never have I ever skinny dipped," "Never have I ever been a vegetarian," etc. The statements must be true. Each player starts with five fingers up (or 10 if it's a long road trip). Once a statement is said, everyone who has done the thing mentioned must put a finger down. Who ever puts all their fingers down first loses. Or wins - depending on what you're going for. 

Festival Edition
What have you never done at *the festival you're traveling to*?! 

I had some fun brainstorming for you: "Never have I ever used the showers at Bonnaroo." "Never have I ever worn arm candy at Electric Zoo." "Never have I ever been to a Coachella After-Party." "Never have I ever been to a festival in Europe." "Never have I ever lost a shoe at a festival." "Never have I ever seen The Flaming Lips." "Never have I ever hash tagged #festilife." "Never have I ever bought a $13 can of beer." "Never have I ever done something illegal in a porta-potty." OMG, I could go all day.


Campfire Stories

Classic Rules:
One passenger starts a story with a single sentence. Then the next person adds a sentence. Continue until you build a complete story.

Festival Edition
The story must center around your group of friends attending the festival.  (Give everyone a ridiculous name starting with the first letter of their real name. You may end up keeping these nicknames for the remainder of the fest, so be careful!) 

Player A: "Ice-D was heading to the food trucks to grab a fish taco, when she slipped upon something slimy and green."
Player B: "She was about to hit her head on the pavement, when Alex Turner emerged from behind a nearby tree, valiantly catching Ice-D and saving her from an evening in the Medical Tent." 

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