5 Music Festivals That Rock at Social Media

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on April 25, 2014

Riot Fest 2013 by Katie Hovland / Riot Fest 

Social media is your best news source, especially when you follow the people, places, and things that you're interested in directly. If you're going to a music festival, getting its news to your timeline can help keep you up to date with lineup announcements and ticket giveaways, while also giving you a direct means of communication with the people in charge. But some festivals' social media personalities are so good, they're worth following even if you can't make it to the show. Here, we picked our top 5.

5. Reading and Leeds

Reading and Leeds know they can engage their followers in conversation about things other than strictly the music festival, building camaraderie between festival organizers and fans. On YouTube, they post interviews, exclusive performances, and other backstage footage to satiate fans' musical needs in the off-season. On twitter, they post news and interact with fans in a more traditional sense. Though sometimes they get a little crazy after-hours, posting funny photoshopped photos in the middle of the night, like Nick Cage inside a banana peel or this 2am photo gallery:

Reading and Leeds is as much of a meme-stream as a festival news account, so it's worth hitting "follow" or "like" just for the lol's alone.

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4. Coachella

Coachella wins for best multi-platform social media strategy. They post photos to Facebook from each day of the festival within 24 hours, and tweet constantly throughout the day with tips, updates, and anecdotes as they happen. And if that's not enough, they also stream performances live via YouTube. Besides their own website and forums, Coachella is present on almost ten different social media sites. Their online presence is so good, you almost don't even have to go to the festival anymore. (But you still should, because watching your computer screen is nothing like actually being there when Beyonce makes a guest appearance.)

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3. Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo's traditional approach to social media perfectly reflects its mission statement and image. They stick mostly to news, ticket giveaways, flashbacks to past years, and discussion questions:

Yet they manage to feel authentic and personal, really connecting with their dedicated fan base. But they do some out of the box stuff, too. On National High Five day, a holiday that must exist solely for Bonnaroovians, they posted a Facebook album along with a series of tweets detailing the 13 reasons they're celebrating the holiday. Aw, cute. 

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2. Outside Lands

Outside Lands has somehow bridged the gap between complete novelty and actual utility with their twitter account. Your friendly neighborhood park ranger, ranger dave, is there with all your Outside Lands answers. What makes the account awesome, though, is 1) the fact that every. single. tweet. begins with "ranger dave," and 2) the fact that ranger dave never capitalizes anything (not even his own name), nor does he use any punctuation aside from conservative commas and single periods at the end of sentences. The result is a timeline full of monotonous indifference that gets hilarious when he tweets phrases that anyone else would probably attach at least an exclamation mark to. Like this:   

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1. Riot Fest

Riot Fest's twitter tops them all. More than just festival news, @riotfest keeps its followers in the loop about local Chicago shows during the off-season. But you don't have to have any interest in Chicago or punk to follow this account, whoever is behind the keyboard is the king/queen of snarky, deadpan responses. From expertly avoiding direct questions about lineup releases:

to putting kids on the right academic track:

to making jokes that probably go right over the heads of those it makes fun of:

They're hilarious with other social media, too. On Facebook (on which their bio reads "Corndogs. Ferris Wheels. Your music."), they stick more strictly to news, but also give birthday shout outs to  punk icons, pose philosophical questions for discussion:


and share punk-themed photos for your entertainment: 

Riot Fest is like your comedian friend who you kind of hate because they're never serious, but who you also love because he's the life of the party.

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