Music Monday Playlist: WMC / Ultra 2013

posted by Rose Mardit on March 11, 2013

Photo: Ultra 2010 Day 2

Miami, Florida -- Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival are just around the corner. Both are overwhelming in their own right: the sheer number of parties happening all day and every day of WMC, and the enormous lineup for both weekends of Ultra. Not sure where to start? Fear not, dear readers, because I’ve put together a comprehensive Spotify playlist featuring 50 artists from each of these star-studded events. Yep, that means 100 different artists altogether, and even more than that since some of these tracks are co-productions or remixes. This is just a sampling of what you can expect to hear in Miami from March 15-24.

The first half of the playlist is dedicated to artists playing WMC parties and events, and the second half to artists from both Weekend 1 and 2 of Ultra. Aside from that, the tracks were not sequenced in any particular order, so feel free to scroll through, pick and choose, or hit shuffle. Some of these are modern-day classics or club bangers, others just happen to be my personal favorites from an artist’s catalogue (or at least, from what is available on Spotify.) In accordance with the variety of genres that each of these events boast, I tried to ensure that as many styles were being represented as possible, so there really is something for every ear. Hopefully you find a gem of a tune, or many, and are introduced to some artists that you wouldn’t otherwise have wanted to see during your sojourn in Miami. Found an artist you love? See if they're in our WMC event listings for South Beach or Ultra event listings for Downtown Miami, split up by location rather than related festival.

If work or school are keeping you away from the festivities this year, do yourself a favor and don’t even peek at the lineups, because you will kick yourself and/or cry... but if you do make that mistake, this playlist just might console you. And provide the musical accompaniment needed to get through the long, sad work or school days ahead.

In Austin for SXSW instead of Miami this week? We've got you covered as well with our guide, event listings, and playlist.

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