6 Best CMJ 2013 Panels for Music Festival Lovers

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on October 10, 2013

Photo: CMJ Panel 2012 by Marjana Jaidi

New York City -- There may only be one panel specifically focused on music festivals during CMJ Music Marathon (see our first panel pick), but music festival lovers shouldn't despair. We did some research to present you with the panels that'll influence the music festival industry, or at least talk about it. We'll save you a seat!

1. Jam Packed: The Explosion of Music Festivals
While the European festival market has been healthy for years, music festivals are now experiencing a huge surge in popularity in the US. Despite their lack of music buying, fans remain committed to the live music experience and festivals are offering something for everyone. We'll go behind the scenes with festival insiders to discover how festivals are expanding their audience and engaging their communities, successfully marketing to multiple audience groups, and creating new business models for sustainability.

2. EDM: The Last Dance?
Daft Punk's return to a more conventional approach to recording has brought into question the music's complacency, ease of creation, and quest for the next big sound. Join artists, labels, and media experts to gauge the identity crisis and what it all means for the future of EDM.

3. Faded: Music's Love Affair with Drugs
As a new generation of listeners is learning how to get turned on and turned up, musicians have never been more vocal about their love of drugs. It's a slippery slope for some who realize too late the party's over.

4. Strange Lands: International Touring
For many artists, breaking internationally is a huge opportunity as well as a complex--and expensive--challenge. Learn what it takes to set up a successful international tour with expert advice from this group of artists, managers, and agents.

5. Pushing the Envelope in the Age of Spectacle
In our market driven Wall Street culture it's a cash game and everyone's got a number. In a digital world where we've traded illusion for reality, some artists will go to great extremes to get attention. But what happens when the music takes back seat?

6. The Big Picture: An Industry Overview
Music is at the center of the digital revolution and continues to drive innovation, online commerce, and conversation. We'll take a step back for a bird's eye view of our ever shifting industry, look ahead to that connected future, and discuss what that music-infused reality means for the world.

The CMJ Music Marathon conference will take place at New York University's Kimmel Center overlooking Washington Square Park. Not all panels have been assigned rooms, times, or panelists just yet. But, for the ones that have, you can begin to organize your schedule and, for the ones that haven't, check out the list of panelists.

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