6 Best Apps for the On-The-Go DJ

posted by Ilana Dadras on April 15, 2014

Traktor DJ via Create Digital Music

Festival season has arrived, and both artists and festivalgoers alike are preparing playlists for long plane rides, hangs at campsites, pre-games in hotel rooms, road trips - basically any time they're not standing in front of (or on) a stage.

We've compiled a list of the 6 best DJing apps for Smartphones and tablets - so festivalgoers can take those playlists to the next level.

From advanced tools meant for DJs and artists, to simple drag-and-drop apps for the inexperienced music lover, almost anyone can use their phone to sketch out sets, mix their favorite tracks, and keep their friends dancing all the way to the festival gates.  

Traktor DJ

Native Instruments' Traktor DJ app is one of the most praised and elegant DJ tools for iOS on the market.  That being said, it was made for DJs and producers, so it isn't the easiest interface for newbies to navigate. A simplified version of its laptop counterpart, the Traktor app features two waveform-style decks for mixing, looping tools, and hot cues.  It uses the touch screen to the fullest potential, with touch-controlled effects, EQs, and beat slicing.  

Ideal for: DJs on-the-go, Music engineering grads, Those with a long flight looking to acquire a skill

DJ Player

DJ Player is special for its focus on pro features, stability, and user-friendly layout.  Whereas most professional DJ apps mimic real sliders and buttons, DJ Player opts for a simpler, more intuitive interface.  It can also auto-sync two songs, so you don't have to worry about manually syncing beats.    
Ideal for: DJs on-the-go, Those with a short to mid-length flight looking to acquire a skill

Cross DJ HD

Cross DJ turns your phone into a complete DJ system - with 2 vinyl decks, realistic scratching, auto loops, effect pads, and up to 6 hot cues per track.  In addition to a sleek interface, the app has the most reliable synchronization engine and BPM analysis on the market.  It's also the first app that allows you to record and share your mixes on SoundCloud - straight from your phone.  And best of all - it's free.  

Ideal for: DJs on-the-go, Social media butterflies


Crossfader is far from being Traktor DJ, but its super simple interface is a way for users to feel like DJs without actually, DJing.  The app allows users to scroll through a music library and choose 2 songs to be automatically beat matched and looped. "Mix everything," its slogan begs.  *Cue the shudder of DJs worldwide*

No but really, Crossfader is cool.  It uses a visual interface coupled with motion-based controls.  You might be playing the beat from one song and the vocals from another, with each song represented by side-by-side album covers - tilt your phone to the side, and the volume of the track on that side will increase as the album cover gets bigger and bigger; hold your phone steady and straight, and both will play at the same volume. It's a fun way to experiment and discover combinations that you might never have imagined, and there is also a social media aspect of the app, as you can "like" your favorite "crosses." 

Ideal for: You, Your mom, Your 13-year-old sister

djay LE

djay LE (the free version of djay) allows you to access to up to 25 songs from your music library in a simple, realistic turntable interface. Automatic beat and tempo matching, audio FX, looping, and pre-cueing are options for the more seasoned DJ to play around with - in addition to cool touch screen tricks (e.g. Swipe your finger on level meters to quickly adjust gain, and then double tap to reset.) 

Ideal for: Music lovers of most, if not all, skill levels


edjing is another DJ app meant for social media lovers.  Its slogan is "play, mix, share," as users are prompted to create their own mixes and mashups and share them directly on Facebook and Twitter. The interface consists of two turntables and cross fader, with free effects, access to songs via SoundCloud, automatic mixing options, and a store with additional features like pre-cueing, scratching, and more. 

Ideal for: Someone bored of Crossfader but not quite ready for Cross DJ

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