What to Pack: Coachella

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on April 10, 2013

Photo: Camping at Coachella 2012 by Oliver Correa

Indio, California -- Now is the time to make sure you're more than prepared for a weekend at Coachella (especially you, Weekend One attendee). Make sure everything on our list is in your bag or packed in your car. If you're camping, you should also consult our list of items for low-maintenance grooming and list of essential camping gear.

Our checklist starts with camping and ends with what you should bring into the festival itself each day. So press play on our Coachella Playlist and get packing!


Camping Essentials
- Tent
- Tarp
- Sleeping bag + pillow
- Flashlight + headlamp
- Car-compatible chargers

Tent-Side Fun
- Stereo
- Fold up chairs
- Blanket
- Flag
- Alcohol (if you're 21+)
- Lighter

Camping Hygiene
- Shower shoes
- Toilet paper
- Wet ones / baby wipes
- Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, brush, deodorant, lotion

- Stove + lighter/matches
- Paper Towels
- Cooler + ice (just make sure you eat/drink the cold stuff on the first day or two)
- Easy foods: bread, peanut butter, bars, chips, cold cut meats, dried fruit, ramen noodles
- Trash bags
- Disposable plates + cutlery
- Water bottles + refillable water containers

Just in Case...
... your car battery dies, bring jumper cables
... your tent leaks or rips, bring duck tape
... it's windy, bring extra tent spikes
... you loose them, bring an extra set of car keys (kept separate from your first set)
... putting up a tent turns into a battle, bring some bandaids
... you run out, extra batteries


Don't Leave Home Without
- Festival wristband
- State-issued ID
- Phone
- Small backpack or fanny pack to store these items

- From the sun: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (maybe an extra pair)
- From the dry climate: Chapstick, lotion
- From the noise: Earplugs
- From port-a-potty germs: hand sanitizer
- From dehydration: Reusable water bottle

Digital Essentials
- Phone
- Mophie juice pack case for iPhone
- Camera

- Blanket
- Glow sticks
- Costumes
- Floral headpiece
- Hula hoop

Just in Case...
... it rains, bring a poncho for your body and a plastic bag for your money and phone
... you see someone cute, bring travel-sized perfume, mini mirror, and compact powder
... you burn, bring lotion or soothing aloe vera gel
... you tend to loose things, bring an extra set of car and/or house keys and give them to a friend
... you want to buy things, bring cash - skip the ATM lines and fees

Last but not least, bring yourself (and clothes). Happy Coachella!

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