7 Accessories for Cold-Weather Festivals

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on March 18, 2014

Beardo Ski Mask HD

The phrase "Festival Fashion," depending on your preferred genre, can bring to mind anything from flower crowns to furry boot covers with little-to-no other clothing. But summer isn't the only festival season, and cold weather fests require a little more forethought in terms of functional festival fashion. 

To help you prepare for outdoor winter festivals like Snowbombing and Snowball, we compiled a list of the 7 most innovative pieces of cold-weather gear to keep you feeling warm and looking cool.

Perfect Moment Qanuk Pro Jacket and Pants

For the spring skier

Snowbombing is as much ski trip as it is music festival, but despite the snowy slopes, April in Austria isn't quite Arctic. So, the ideal ski suit isn't overly-insulated - a technical shell will keep you dry without getting too hot. Perfect Moment's Qanuk Pro Jacket, which comes in two colors and in men's and women's sizes, with men's Qanuk Pro Pants to match, are waterproof, breathable, and just warm enough for skiing in the spring. The jackets come with internal and external zippered pockets to store your festival essentials, have adjustable cuffs and hoods to help you find the right fit, and are equipped with ventilation zippers, an internal snow skirt, draft flap, and fleece chin saver, while the pants have both zippered and cargo pockets, internal gaiters to keep the snow out of your shoes, and an adjustable waistband. With style and features like that, Perfect Moment might be the perfect choice.

Zeal Optics HD Camera Goggle

For better quality than Instagram video 

While none of your Facebook friends will ever watch that shaky iPhone video you're going to take of Busta Rhymes' performance at Snowball, they probably would watch a first-person video of you skiing down the Harakiri, Austria's steepest slope, accessible from Snowbombing. With Zeal Optics' HD Camera Goggles, you don't even have to strap a Go-Pro to your forehead. The goggles feature anti-fog, high density, 100% UV-protected lenses, impact resistant frames with dual strap adjustments, and are helmet compatible. The HD camera, located between the eyes of the goggles, shoots 1080p and 720p HD video, 12 megapixel HD photos from a 170-degree wide angle lens equipped with an in-goggle viewfinder and glove-ready buttons. And who knows, maybe the goggles would make for great POV-video of the festival crowd experience, too.

Beardo Ski Mask HD

For the funny guy, who still wants to be warm

Beardo is known for their namesake beanies with attached knit beards to keep your face warm while in frigid temperatures. While those would do the trick at a winter festival, we'd like to highlight Beardo's other foray into protective facial accessories: their hilarious, photorealistically-printed ski masks. Ever wanted to look like a Rottweiler riding the ski lift? Now you can! With a seamless design, fresh air breathe hole, anti-microbial material, and fleece lining, these are as functional as they are funny. Don't feel like the ski masks are just for skiing - what better place than a festival to be silly with your accessories? Pack the Ski Mask HD for any cold-weather fest.

Uniqlo Heattech

For the smart cold-weather dresser

Layering is key when getting dressed for a long day of outdoor festivalgoing. The under-layer is essential - it should be something warm, breathable, and comfortable that wicks away moisture, because yes, you'll sweat even when it's cold, and that sweat can make you even colder. Uniqlo's line of Heattech solids prevents that problem. The fabric generates and retains heat while absorbing moisture, drying quickly, and eliminating odor and static. Heattech layers are available for men and women in basically any style of underlayer you can think of, from long johns and leggings to turtlenecks and t-shirts. Products come in every color on the spectrum, too, so even if you need to shed some extra layers during the day, your underlayer can show through without looking too utilitarian.

Burton Party Socks

For a party in your boots

If you're only going to keep one part of your body warm and dry, it should be your toes. Of course a pair of warm, durable, waterproof boots are essential for cold, outdoor festivals, but socks are key to wicking away sweat, insulating, and adding that extra bit of cushion and comfort. You don't have to sacrifice style for all these features, especially with a colorful printed sock like Burton's Party Socks. They're made of a merino wool blend with chafe-free seams, extra support around the arch and ankle, and are available in a variety of colorful patterns to match your personal style. And with a name like the Party Sock, they're sure to help you have a great time this winter fest season.


For the gadget-obsessed

Closely tied with your toes in the competition of which extremity you should keep the warmest are your fingers. Gloves are essential when it's cold outside, and watching your favorite DJ can be not-so-fun if your fingers are too numb to fist-pump. The problem with gloves, though, is that they can limit your ability to use your touch-screen electronics, from texting to snapping photos. Sure, you could buy touch-screen compatible gloves, but what about the ones you already own? Try Emitips; they're iron-on pads that attach to your gloves to make them touch-screen compatible. Six pads come in a pack, one for each thumb, middle, and index finger. They iron on to any fabric that can be ironed, and the DIY aspect means you can get the placement just right.

Skinnydip London Trapper Hat

For music everywhere

Who says the music has to stop when the festival ends? This trapper hat by Skinny Dip London will keep you warm with faux fur lining during your cold-weather fest of choice, and built-in headphones let you play your tunes and relive the memories while staying warm elsewhere. A removable cord connects to all phones, music players, tablets, and PCs, to listen to music any way you choose. 

Make sure to add these seven items to your packing list for Snowbombing and Snowball, taking place April 7-12 and April 4-6, respectively.

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