7 Ways Gov Ball Did Great in 2014

posted by Marjana Jaidi on June 12, 2014

Photos by Oliver Correa

New York City -- Every year, Governors Ball keeps getting bigger and better. Last year, they expanded to three days and brought their lineup to the next level, and this year, they've stepped it up even more. 

Governors ball is constantly reminding us, "you're doing great," and it's time we returned the sentiment. Scroll down to find out what they did great this year.

1. New York City

This is the year that Gov Ball went from being a festival in New York City to New York City's Music Festival. From the names of the stages to the art installations across the grounds, Gov Ball did a great job of embodying the spirit of its city. 

2. Problem Solving 

Gov Ball was quick to solve small, logistical problems that arose throughout the weekend. On the first day, people were using the back of the VIP Cabanas as a shortcut; by the next day, they'd erected a fence. Similarly, they ironed out the kinks in their car pick-up system, which had been confusing on the first day. Way to be on the ball. 

3. Music

I'll let Dan and Josh elaborate...

4. This.

5. vibes

Gov Ball created a positive environment that begat great vibes all around.

6. sponsorships

Gov Ball's sponsors all made sense and provided some sort of added value to festivalgoers. In the Freeloaders Lounge, Don Julio served up a selection of tequila concoctions, while Camelbak provided free water refill stations.

7. out with a bang

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