Overheard at Coachella Weekend 2

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on April 25, 2013

Photo: Coachella 2013 by Laura Baker-Finch

Indio, California -- What do you get when you put 80,000+ festivalgoers with different backgrounds and personalities in the desert and throw in a few mind-altering substances? Coachella, and these overheard quotes.

Many incited some laughs, a few made me cringe, and all of them seemed worthy enough to share. So from my ears to your eyes, here are the best 13 quotes overheard from Coachella Weekend 2.

"This guy keeps hitting me with his Yoda." - Overheard in the crowd at Dinosaur Jr.

"Drugs man, this is fucking different." - Overheard on 4/20.

"You didn't like Purity Ring? I CAN'T even talk to you." - Overheard from a very serious girl storming away from her friend.

"Jurassic 5? Are they playing Jurassic Park 3D here?" - Overheard in the water refill line.

"You have to speak French. If you speak to French people, you speak to cool people." - Overheard from a proud Parisian.

"Wake me up when they find dinosaurs in space." - Overheard from a girl overlooking the Recyclosaurus Rex sculpture.

"Did you grab my ass earlier?" - Overheard as a girl slowly recollects her day.

"I just want to stick my toothbrush up my nose and scrub it." - Overheard in the car park of day one.

"My favorite part of Coachella is you." - Overheard from a guy who definitely got laid that night.

"I swear I'm not as egalitarian as that made me seem." - Overheard from J. Tillman (aka Father John Misty) after he got up close to his fans on the barrier.

"I didn't see any bands yesterday." - Overheard from a guy who just should've stayed home.

"There was a lot of hair up there." - Overheard from someone I hope was referring to Kurt Vile.

"From the bottom of my heart, you can go royally fuck yourself." - Overheard from a friend who overheard it straight from Danny DeVito.

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