8 Best Travel Apps for 2014

posted by Dan Murphy on March 25, 2014

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The whole smart phone revolution has created a series of readily-available apps for things that most people probably will never use (did we really need iFart?). However, people who are actually attempting to contribute to society have taken advantage of said revolution to make life generally easier, notably in the realm of travel apps. We've compiled some of the best ones to download before heading on a big trip this year.


Aside from being a great travel companion, Evernote is one of those apps that makes you feel like a better person. It's a notes app, but unlike the one that comes pre-installed with the iPhone, you can attach photos, set reminders, and make lists. It's pretty intuitive and extremely effective. For travelers, the makers suggest making notes with pictures of receipts and labeling them to avoid discrepancies in your finances.

Available in iTunes and Google Play


There's been something of a debate in the tech world regarding whether Kayak or Expedia is superior when it comes to booking trips. Both are free and will help you find cheap deals on flights and hotels at the very least, but it has become clear that Kayak is more encompassing. It also has a car rental feature, as well as a packing list section, flight tracker, and a simple currency converter.

Available in iTunes and Google Play's City Guides, Offline Maps

Yes, that is the app's real name. It was the first of a series of apps that attempts to cut down on your roaming fees. There are a plethora of city guides that you can download prior to going on your trip that feature a map as well as a bunch of suggested places at which to eat or hang out. This way, the guide is already on your phone and you can access it on airplane mode, cutting down your bill significantly. And they're all free.

Available in iTunes and Google Play


This one's pretty damn cool. It takes all of the data downloaded through 3G, 4G, LTE, etc. and compresses it so that you're not using as much of your data plan as before. Onavo will save you money day-to-day, but it's definitely a must-have when going abroad to avoid an expensive phone bill, all for free.

Available in iTunes


Here's another one that'll cut down your phone bill. WhatsApp reroutes your text messages so that they are sent through internet data, preventing you from getting SMS charges. This in conjunction with Onavo will have you paying practically nothing for texting. The first year's service is free, and it's a dollar a year after that. 

Available in iTunes and Google Play


I know, it's pretty standard to say Yelp in an article like this. As a former service industry employee, I used to think that Yelp was the devil and hurt businesses, but in actuality Yelp takes strides to properly rank reviews and get visitors factual information about businesses. They launched their free app last year which makes finding good local spots extremely easy. 

Available in iTunes and Google Play

The Converted

We'll only suggest The Converted for the traveler who is out of the country a lot. This one costs $2.99 in the app store, but it is the most all-encompassing conversion app out there. It spans from currency to measurements and gives the user a more visual idea of the relation between conversions. However, it doesn't easily give exact conversions which are sometimes needed. 

Available in iTunes

Google Translate

While there are many translation apps out there today, you won't find a better free one than Google's. It's easy to use, effective if you keep the phrases relatively simple, and makes finding the bathroom in a foreign country less nerve-racking.

Available in iTunes and Google Play

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