Cultivora's Top 5 Picks for Sasquatch!

posted by Kelsey Stoulil on May 22, 2013

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Shovels and Rope
  • Father John Misty
  • Photo: Sasquatch! 2012 by Laura Baker-Finch

    George, Washington -- Navigating a festival schedule can be a tricky thing. Acts get unintentionally overlooked, and sometimes you end up catching whatever set your friends are going to, whether you've heard of the band or not. No matter how you organize your plan of attack for this year's Sasquatch!, click through to see the five acts we recommend catching.

    You can preview some of their songs on our Sasquatch Playlist and be sure to stop by our Sasquatch! 2013 Festival Guide for anything else you might need.

    Happy travels Sasquatch-goers, I'll see you at the Gorge!

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Photo: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis via their Facebook

    These hometown heros of mine are at the top of my list for this year's Sasquatch! If I haven't made it clear, I'm from Seattle, and damn proud of my city. These guys have only increased my love of the 206 and are the reason every other photo I post on Instagram is tagged with #mycitysfilthy. Seattle has an amazingly supportive and appreciative music scene, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' recent success is only fueling that flame. I have gone from watching these guys play in my university's cafeteria to seeing them conquer the Billboard charts without a record label, which has been inspiring, and an amazing journey to watch. Needless to say, I cannot wait for them to bring it back home to the Gorge on Friday and hopefully end the night the same way I ended my college career; with a shameless dance party to "And We Danced."

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis play on Friday, May 24th at 10:30pm on the Sasquatch Stage.

  • Deep Sea Diver

    Photo: Deep Sea Diver via their Facebook

    Deep Sea Diver, also from Seattle, is a three-piece fronted by Jessica Dobson, who has performed with Beck and, most recently, The Shins. Their laid-back, catchy tunes will be the perfect start to your Sunday at the festival.

    Deep Sea Diver plays on Sunday, May 26th at 1:00pm on the Honda Bigfoot Stage.

  • Shovels and Rope

    Photo: Shovels and Rope Press Image

    This husband and wife duo hails from Charleston, bringing with them the perfect balance of folk and twang. You'll want to kick off your shoes and do some dancing, trust me.

    Shovels and Rope play on Sunday, May 26th at 7:40pm on the Yeti Stage.

  • Father John Misty

    Photo: Father John Misty at GoogaMooga 2012 by Jason Rezvan

    Father John Misty has been making some sizable waves this year, especially on the festival circuit. At Coachella weekend two he used some down time to mock sassy flower-crown wearing girls, and at GoogaMooga, Entertainment Weekly tweeted, "The rain may not drive us away, but Father John Misty stage banter may." Despite his sharp and witty tongue (which I happen to love), Tillman puts on an amazing show filled with groovy tunes and some killer dance moves, which are not to be missed.

    Father John Misty plays on Friday May 24th, at 7:30pm on the Honda Bigfoot Stage.


    Photo: CHVRCHES via When The Gramophone Rings

    This Scottish trio is much more than the "electropop" heading they are usually put under. Drawing from a large number of influences, CHVRCHES combines intricate, complex lyrics with upbeat tunes. Get ready for a mellow dance party that will tug at your heartstrings.

    CHVRCHES play Monday, May 27th at 1:25pm on the Honda Bigfoot Stage.

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