Test Drive: Ultra Music Festival Mobile App

posted by Ai Gamo on March 22, 2012

Ultra Music Festival has released their official mobile app, available for iOS and Android platforms, to help you make the most of your festival experience. The application will help users get the latest set time updates, news, and stay connected with the Ultra community.

I tested the app on the iPhone 4S, and found that the most useful feature is the personalized festival schedule, which you can build around your favorite artists. From the schedule, you can connect to the artist's Twitter account, communicate with other fans through the comments section, and view or upload photos.

Using the festival map, you can find the exact location of each stage, and drop a pin to share your location with friends. The app also allows you to connect to UMF TV and watch live sets during the event (this is probably meant for the viewers at home).

This particular app really takes the social aspect of the festival experience into account; you can connect to Twitter or Facebook and let others know your personalized lineup, exact location, and chat with fellow fans about your favorite artists through most features. While the app definitely helps you navigate the waters, it seems that it's main purpose is to help and encourage you to share your experience with friends in your network. There is so much content and so many features, that at times, it seems more like a website than an app. This may be confusing and frustrating for some, as the variety and multiplicity of features can be a little extraneous. However, the utility of the features, particularly the map and the schedule, are reasons why the pros definitely outweigh the cons. In short, the app is essentially a social network for music lovers who are attending Ultra, and will help you make your experience at Ultra that much better.