9 Signs You're Ready for Festival Season

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on February 26, 2014

Photo via Christian Bertrand

If you're anything like us here at Cultivora, you've been itching for 2014's festival season to kick off since last year's wound down. And with all the fantastic lineups announced the past two months, the wait has become unbearable. 

Besides checking Cultivora every day for your latest festival fix, here are the 9 signs you're ready for festival season. 

1. Outkast is on all your new playlists 

2. You only eat Ramen so you can afford more festival tickets

Photo via Hack College

3. Unless it is a juice as part of your festival-ready cleanse

Photo via Daily Mail 

4. All of your #TBT Instagram posts are you at a festival last year

5. To you, Spring Break is synonymous with SXSW or Miami Music Week 

Photo via AutoStraddle

6. You no longer have tank top or shoe tan lines

Photo via Geosciences

7. It's still winter but all your new purchases are summer attire 

Photo via British Council

8. You're cursing the fact Halloween is months away, you need a new costume now! 

Photo via Christian Bertrand 

9. This looks beautiful.

Photo via Peter Gudella

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