Ultra Croatia Day Trip: The Island of Brač

posted by Rose Mardit on July 11, 2013

Photo: Zlatni Rat Beach via BracInfo

Brač, Croatia -- Ultra Croatia's inaugural edition takes place this weekend, July 12-14, in Split and Hvar - but don’t let yourself be limited to the festival! Instead, hop on a ferry for a day trip to the beautiful island of Brač.

Here are a few recommendations on where to eat, shop, party, and explore on the island. We’ve focused on the offerings of three towns, both on and slightly off of the beaten path: Supetar, Bol, and Postira. For some help on getting from Split and Hvar to the island, check out this guide to the island's ferries.


Konoba Lukin
Porat 32
21400, Supetar, Croatia
+385 21 630 0683
Unfortunately, the island of Brač isn’t exactly known for having excellent service in restaurants and bars. Konoba Lukin, however, is known for being a warm, welcoming spot that serves delicious, made-to-order food. The restaurant is very close to the center of Supetar but feels more special than the other restaurants in town since it is on the other side of the harbor. You can sit outside and enjoy a stunning view of the water while eating traditional meat and seafood dishes. We’ve also heard that the black risotto is excellent.

Pizzeria Topolino
Ulica Radića Frane 1
21420, Bol, Croatia
+385 21 635 995
One of the town of Bol’s hotels, Kaštil, is home to two restaurants and a bar. This is the less formal of the two eateries, and makes our list because the restaurant serves up some of the best pizza on Brač, as well as filling brunches, in a beautiful waterfront location. Since it’s part of the hotel, you can expect to receive great service too.

Agroturizam Ranjak
Gornji Ranjak
21400, Supetar, Croatia
+385 91 631 6699
Not your average restaurant, but instead a family home that cooks carefully, lovingly prepared food for its visitors. While it isn’t technically located in Supetar, it’s only a few minutes away by car and absolutely worth the drive or taxi ride. Think of it as your mama’s cooking, if she specialized in Dalmatian cuisine with produce from her garden, that is. The garden and olive grove make for a beautiful setting, and will prime you for Mrs. Rajević’s fresh out of the oven dishes. Make sure to call first in order to arrange your meal.


While none of the towns of Brač are shopping destinations, you will certainly find souvenir shops and grocery stores, like a Lidl in Supetar for the essentials (Žedno Drage bb; +385 21 630 721), but nothing to write home about. However, wine connoisseurs will like Jako Vino, located in Bol (Bračka cesta 13; +385 21 635 120). If you find yourself in Postira, there is a seafront shop called Brač Fini Sapuni that sells handmade olive oil soaps, which make a nice gift (Strančica 24; +385 21 632 168).


Varadero Cocktail Bar
Ulica Radića Frane 1
21420, Bol, Croatia
+385 21 635 995
Technically a hotel bar (part of the same hotel as Pizzeria Topolino,) but you won’t be able to tell. During the daylight hours, this is a quieter spot perfectly suited to sipping a cappuccino or fresh juice. When the sun goes down, Varadero becomes a high-energy, dance music-oriented bar. It’s an open-air space located right near the water and arguably the party center of Bol. They have beer and wine, of course, but as the name suggests, cocktails are definitely the speciality.

Ben Quick
Vlačica ulica 19
21400, Supetar, Croatia
+385 21 630 541
Ben Quick is another café-bar hybrid, but this one offers a respite from pounding house music and favors rock instead. It’s laid-back but still lively, serving a few food items as well as plenty of drinks.

Lovrečina Beach Bar
21410, Postira, Croatia
If Supetar is too crowded and a quiet beach is what you’re looking for, Postira’s Lovrečina Beach is a wonderful, sandy destination. The beach bar here is decidedly more casual than any of the brick and mortar club spaces on Brač, but it remains a great place to grab a drink after you’ve soaked up enough sun - or maybe even while you’re working on perfecting that tan.


Zlatni Rat Beach
Bol, Croatia
No trip to the island would be complete without a visit to Zlatni Rat (pictured above), which some locals have touted as the best beach on the Adriatic. The name means “golden cape” and it is indeed a treasure of the coast, just west of the center of Bol. Don’t expect white sand though, it’s actually a pebble beach, but just as picturesque as all of the photos in brochures make it out to be, with clear water and pine trees nearby. Some restaurants, bars, and small shops are dotted along the beach and rental kiosks make it a great beach for jet skiing, paragliding, and wind surfing. Since Zlatni Rat’s reputation precedes it, it can get quite crowded, so we recommend heading over earlier in the day.

Lovrečina Beach
Postira, Croatia
For a traditional sand beach, head to Lovrečina east of the center of Postira. This one is much less popular with tourists, but no less beautiful. Once the site of a church during the 5th century, it sits in a quiet bay, surrounded by trees, and is perfectly suited to sunbathing or splashing about in the water. Not great for water sports though, because there are no rental shops - try one of the more touristy beaches for that instead.

Church of St. Mary Anunciation
Supetar, Croatia
This 18th century parish church was actually built on the grounds of a much older St. Peter’s Basilica. Stop by to admire the architecture and snap a few photos of the church itself, the bell tower, and clock. There is also a museum (the entrance is flanked by a sculpture of St. Victor), and inside the church itself are some beautiful paintings, altars, and an organ that dates back to the mid 18th century.

After you've explored Brač, you can leave the Adriatic Sea and head back to the sea of neon within the festival.

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