A Look Ahead: September 2014 Music Festivals

posted by Dan Murphy on August 29, 2014

Fall Boston Calling 2013 via the festival

It's true, we're all sad that summer is coming to a close, but I call malarkey on those who think you can't have fun in the fall. There are still a ton of killer music festivals around the world to attend, and Cultivora is bringing you full coverage of upcoming festival news as well as helpful travel guides and feature articles. Scroll down to see what you can expect from Cultivora and the world of music festivals this September. 


iTunes - London, United Kingdom; September 1-30
Outlook - Pula, Croatia; September 3-7
Bestival - Isle of Wight, United Kingdom; September 4-7
Hideout Block Party & AV Fest - Chicago, Illinois; September 5-6
Fall Line Fest - Richmond, Virginia; September 5-6
Berlin Festival - Berlin, Germany; September 5-7
Boston Calling - Boston, Massachusetts; September 5-7
Riot Fest Toronto - Toronto, Ontario; September 6-7
LouFest - St. Louis, Missouri; September 6-7
Unknown Croatia - Rovinj, Croatia; September  8-12
Riot Fest Chicago - Chicago, Illinois; September 12-14
UtopiaFest - Utopia, Texas; September 12-14
Pop Montréal - Montréal, Québec; September 17-21
Downtown Cleveland - Cleveland, Ohio: September 19-20
Riot Fest Denver - Denver, Colorado; September 19-21
Sunset Strip - Los Angeles, California; September 20-21
Motörhead's Motörboat - Miami, Florida; September 22-26
Decibel - Seattle, Washington; September 24-28
Midpoint - Cincinnati, Ohio; September 25-27
Downtown Minneapolis - Minneapolis, Minnesota; September 26-27
Index Fest - Dallas, Texas; September 26-28
TomorrowWorld - Atlanta, Georgia; September 26-28
Listen Out Sydney - Sydney, Australia; September 27
Project Pabst - Portland, Oregon; September 27-28
Listen Out Perth - Perth, Australia; September 28


As far as our travel guides go, we're bringing you three comprehensive ones that are essential viewing before heading to your September music festival of choice. Firstly, we have our Outlook Festival Guide, featuring not only local recommendations and travel tips, but also full event listings of the boat parties accompanying the Croatian festival. 

If you're heading to the Fall 2014 edition of Boston Calling, be sure to check out our guide for the best spots to eat, sleep, shop, party, and explore around the city as well as info regarding the festival's official after-parties. 

Finally, check out our Decibel Guide if you plan to attend the Seattle electronic music festival/conference for the best ways to get to and around the city as well as suggestions for killer restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and more.


In September we'll be in attendance at Boston Calling and Riot Fest Chicago, so you can bet we'll have a bunch of pre- and post-coverage from those. Look out for playlists, top picks, and then reviews and photo galleries. 

In September we'll also help you wind down from summer festival season and gear up for fall with tips to make every day more like a festival, a list of our most-anticipated fall albums, and features geared towards our favorite fall fests like CMJ, BEMF, ACL, and Fun Fun Fun.  

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