Artist Spotlight: Nicole Moudaber

posted by Angela Del Sol on February 28, 2014

Photo: Nicole Moudaber at The BPM Festival 2014 by Marjana Jaidi

There are women that make us question how they can accomplish so much in the mere 24 hours of a day that us mortals possess. Nicole Moudaber is one of them - after all the title The Queen of Techno does not come without relentless work and startling charisma. 

When she is not dropping the heaviest of techno grooves around the world, remixing tracks for labels Drumcode, Kling Klong, Leena Music, and Waveform, or interacting with her fans on social media, Moudaber is successfully running her own label, Mood Records

After an unforgettable performance at The BPM Festival along techno heavy weights Chris Liebling and then finishing an explosive South American tour, this multicultural techno goddess will grace the grounds of Output this Saturday - a show not to be missed for New Yorkers and Brooklynites.

Read our interview with the Queen of Techno at The BPM Festival below and relive your time at BPM by streaming her festival set. 

2013 was an amazing year for you. You launched your label, a full-length album, so many things going on. Now we're in a whole new year, we're in Mexico. How are you going to approach this year?
There's a lot going on. I'm currently on my US and Latin American tour. I'm going to stick around North America until the end of March, and then I'll be heading back to London in April. In January, I'm doing the whole of Latin America, and in February I'll be doing a lot of shows in the states and Canada. On March 1st, I'll be launching a weekly radio show that will be syndicated worldwide, we'll launch it at Output, we're taking over the whole club. 

You're going to love the sound system at Output.
Yeah, I played there already and it's fantastic.

I've noticed that you're really engaged with your fans and communicate with them through Twitter all the time. Tell us how you approach this connection with your fans and why it is so important to you to keep up these Q&A's and interactions.
I love talking to them and I've developed a friendship with them via Twitter and Facebook. It's very entertaining and it's nice to meet people from all over the world and see what they like and don't like and their sense of humor. We laugh a lot. They're more like my friends now. It's great, I love it. 

Since we're on the topic of technology, has the way that you play music changed over time as technology has changed? 
Oh yeah, obviously, there's always updates going on and new gear to add on. It's never ending, really. 

You always keep evolving?

Tell us about how you incorporate your cultural background into your music.
My music is quite percussive and very drum-y. This is where I come from - I grew up in Africa and a little bit in the Middle East - so you can hear the whole tribalistic sound but in my own way. 

Tell us about the EP One Day Later that's coming out on Intec Digital.
[It came] out January 27 on Carl Cox's Label, Intec. I've been releasing a lot of music on Carl's label. I finished it during the summer, and he and I have been hammering at it. So I'm really excited to put it out on Intec, which is one of the first labels that has really supported me and is my home. 

Why the name One Day Later
It came out of a party, obviously. [laughs]

Do you try to make music on the road? If so, when do you find the time to do it?
When I'm traveling, I get really inspired and I lay down my ideas like melodies and just record them. I tend to focus more on my sets, and the way I'm going to deliver my shows. It's a combination of different things. You have to listen to a lot of music when you're traveling, always update what you're going to play and how you're going to play it.  It depends on what time you play and the capacity of the club, so in that sense the creativity and ideas are flowing non-stop. 

What is your favorite place that you travel to and play?
Oh my gosh, I can't say that because I love them all and they're all amazing. They're all very special and unique in their own way. It leaves a mark every time that I visit a place. They're all very special. 

Do you have any traveling rituals or things you do before your trips to prepare? 
Yeah, I pack in a very specific way. [laughs] Normally before I get on, I get my vitamin shots. I also don't drink when I'm DJing, I only drink on my time off. Yeah, that's my ritual, lots of vitamins, lots of water, staying hydrated. 

What are some of your travel essentials? 
Uhh, my face creams, all of the time, my vitamins, and, uhh, fresh clothes! [laughs]

So this is your second year here at BPM. What different things are going to happen at the festival this year? How have things changed?
I think this is the biggest year they've had. They've been doing it for seven or eight years, maybe more, and it just gets better and better every year. The promoters, Phil, Alessandra, and Craig, are doing an incredible job. And this year is just mega, it's just incredible. I think they have about 97 parties going on. 

What is your favorite aspect of the festival?
I like meeting people all in one place, getting together. It feels a little bit like Ibiza in a way. The vibe is quite laid back. Good food, great people, amazing music. It's a great time to have a little break and cut the winter in a sense. 

What are some of your favorite restaurants for around Playa? 
Funny enough, yesterday, I was in this amazing Mexican restaurant called Aldea Corazon, amazing food, I really recommend that. 

Do you have any advice for people who want to come to BPM next year?
Yeah, you should come and try it out. Get a nice place on the beach and listen to amazing music, amazing DJs, great producers. It's a great break in January.

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