Beatport's Matthew Adell to Deliver Canadian Music Week Keynote Presentation

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on February 13, 2014

Toronto, Canada -- You may still be drooling over the lineup announcement, but Canadian Music Week (CMW) isn't just about the music (shows, that is). The conference and music festival has announced Matthew Adell, CEO of Beatport, as its keynote presentation speaker.

The highlight of a conference is often the keynote presentation, where else can you witness a key industry player discuss his or her area of expertise? Plus, these addresses usually set the tone for the panels - and year - to follow. So what does Matthew Adell's selection tell us?

Part of the industry or not, everyone who has been alive this past decade knows digital music services replaced (to what degree I won't get into here) traditional, brick-and-mortar retail outlets. But these services can no longer just provide access to music, be it downloads, streaming, or radio. They have to go one step further and connect fans with the music by tapping into what's been hailed the saving grace for musicians - touring and other such fan-artist experiences.

Beatport, led by its CEO Matthew Adell, has been leading this charge over the second half of its decade-long existence. At Canadian Music Week, Adell will discuss how Beatport and parent company SFX are currently combining the digital and live, and what steps they are taking to further the relationship that in turn deepens the relationship between artist and fan.

Matthew Adell's presentation, "From Access to Affinity," will take place Friday, May 9.

Canadian Music Week's conference will be accompanied by music showcases in 60+ venues in Downtown Toronto from May 6-10. Registration is now open for all the conference components.

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