BPM 2014: Artists' Favorite Food Spots

posted by Marjana Jaidi on December 31, 2013

  • Los Aguachiles
  • El Oasis Mariscos
  • La Vagabunda
  • La Cueva del Chango
  • Karma Bagels
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- For our Official Guide to The BPM Festival, we asked past (and future!) BPM artists to recommend their favorite places to eat, sleep, shop, party, and explore in Playa del Carmen.

    Scroll through the gallery to find out where Guy Gerber, Anja Schneider, Stacey Pullen, Apollonia, Lauren Lane, and My Favorite Robot like to get their eat on, then head to the full guide for even more of their recommendations.


  • Los Aguachiles

    Avenida 25 y Calle 34
    “Best taqueria in town. Super fresh. Just be careful of the habanero sauce.” - Guy Gerber


  • El Oasis Mariscos

    Carretera Federal Cancun-Tulum
    “El Oasis for me is the best place to eat in Playa del Carmen…it has authentic Mexican seafood and is away from all tourists.” - Anja Schneider

    Canibal Royal

    Calle 48 y La Playa
    “A favourite place I love to visit is Canibal Royal, where they have a fusion of Mexican and Asian food. It’s a great restaurant for eating with friends.” - Anja Schneider


  • “Eat at the local places that are off the beaten path.” - Stacey Pullen


  • La Vagabunda

    Avenida 5 entre Calles 24 y 26
    “Sit there, order a ceviche and a cocktail, and expect to see a friend in less than 5 minutes. Everybody stops there.”- Apollonia


  • La Cueva del Chango

    Calle 38 entre Avenida 5 y El Mar
    “Great place for breakfast after a long night of dancing... amazing fresh juices and delicious food.” - Lauren Lane


  • Karma Bagels

    Avenida 5 y Constituyentes
    “A little taste of home and a great way to start your daytime adventure. ”
    - My Favorite Robot