BPM 2014 Highlights: Life and Death @ Mamita's

posted by Dianna Loevner on January 16, 2014

Photo: Yours Truly at Mamita's by Marjana Jaidi

Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- With a European duo called Thugfucker opening up the morning, you know it's going to be a day filled with debauchery and suspense. And that is just what the Life and Death crew represents in all their acts. Each player of their electronic pilgrimage brings a distinct identity that still manages to flow perfectly through the lifespan of the party.

Mano Le Tough, Recondite, Tale of Us, and DJ Tennis each have a wonderful sound that brings together a rhythm unparalleled by any other label at the moment. Their downbeat tracks blend pop, disco, and house, bringing a kaleidoscope vision to the underground sound.

Take a listen to Mano Le Tough's live BPM set, courtesy of Mixcloud:

Mano Le Tough @ The BPM Festival 2014 - Life and Death,Mamita's (07-01-14) by Livesetsarchive.Com on Mixcloud

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