BPM 2015 Photo Diary Part 2

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on January 20, 2015

Blue Parrot at The BPM Festival 2015 by Laura Baker-Finch

Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- After five days, most music festivals have already come and gone, with artists onto another tour stop and festivalgoers home planning their next festival experience. Every January in Playa del Carmen, that's not the case. After five days, The BPM Festival is only half-way done. Artists, fans, and press like yours truly are still going strong, albeit admittedly with darker bags under their eyes. 

Here's what went down at BPM from January 15-18, the final days. 

January 15

Our second half of The BPM Festival began where our first half left off - Blue Venado. Only this time around, Innervisions was the must-attend party and raved about tastemaker of the evening - or should we say morning? 

We arrived at the Jungle-immersed venue just in time for some of Âme's set, and, as this party marked my first of the festival since landing in Playa del Carmen the night before, they did well to get me into the BPM groove. From there, sets seamlessly transitioned between Mano Le Tough, Henrik Schwarz, and, as the sun began to rise on another day of BPM, Dixon

Mano Le Tough by Laura Baker-Finch

BPM Mascots by Laura Baker-Finch

Henrik Schwarz by Laura Baker-Finch

Blue Venado by Marjana Jaidi

January 16 

We recovered from our long night at Innervisions just in time for the end of Circo Loco at Mamita's, where Davide Squillace played versus Matthias Tanzmann to a packed crowd.  

David Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann by Marjana Jaidi

Later on in the evening we started our party hopping at Blue Parrot, where Filsonik was waking the crowd up from their between-day-and-night-parties naps. Upon leaving the venue, with hopes to return for Harvard Bass and Seth Troxler b2b The Martinez Brothers, it was hard to distinguish where the BPM event ended and Playa del Carmen began. Hundreds took to the streets, dancing and drinking while flowing in and out of the town’s multiple night clubs and restaurants. 

Lingerie Carnival by Laura Baker-Finch

We weaved through the crowds, and through a Lingerie Carnival, to the entrance of La Santenera, where Hot Creations was curating two of the venue’s three levels. Three DJs spun at once, making the selection of our dance spot the hardest of the festival yet. Mark Jenkyns provided the soundtrack of the roof, where partiers could peek down on the crowds below, while a non-Hot Creations DJ catered to the first floor crowd in the BPM Lounge. In a Goldilocks turn of events, it was the middle floor where we truly found our groove to a DJ we loved but didn’t quite know at the time. Upon further investigation, we learned his name - Denney - and we’ll never forget it. 

Mark Jenkyns by Laura Baker-Finch

Denney by Laura Baker-Finch

What truly sets La Santenera apart from its fellow BPM venues is not its multiple floors but its aesthetic. While other BPM spaces make use of the beach - and we love them for that - La Santenera has a city club vibe, and a mix of décor - antique fabric couches and chandeliers were juxtaposed against neon signs and flashing lights. 

La Santanera by Laura Baker-Finch

Denney at La Santanera by Laura Baker-Finch

January 17 

Thanks to our earlier-than-usual night on Friday, we were already at Blue Parrot Saturday for the first act of the day - Doorly at the Relief vs. Cajual party before switching over to Mamita's for elrow's Psychedelic Trip. John Acquaviva was on deck as we arrived and joined the dance floor. The beachfront venue was the ideal afternoon hangout, complete with inflatable pool toys, sand between our toes, and sun-drenched beats.

John Acquaviva by Laura Baker-Finch

elrow fans at Mamita's by Laura Baker-Finch

It wasn't long, however, that we found ourselves back at Blue Parrot for one of BPM's most trusted DJs, Nicole Moudaber, the special guest of the Relief vs Cajual party. We missed Nicole at her streamed In The Mood event Thursday night in favor of Innervisions, so, for us, her Saturday evening set was not-to-be-missed. 

The packed venue left little room for dancing, but that didn't stop BPM-ers from giving it their all as Nicole provided the most upbeat, hard hitting set we'd experienced thus far. As her set came to an end, the next and final DJ of the party, Green Velvet, joined her for a quick dance in the booth before taking over the decks. His set transitioned effortlessly from Nicole's, though his bass-heavy tendencies positioned his apart. 

Nicole Moudaber by Laura Baker-Finch

January 18 

Our first stop for The BPM Festival's final day was Blue Parrot, where Yoshitoshi Recordings took over all day with killer sets worthy of the festival's final parties. We stayed through Anthony Attala before venturing back into Playa del Carmen to see what the rest of the festival's last day had in store. 

Anthony Attala by Marjana Jaidi

For our last BPM stop of the week, we found ourselves at Mamita's where the festival's planned closing day party, BPM Presents This Is The End, merged with No.19 Music's cancelled event from the previous evening. The last minute change was far from unwelcome, as it meant we got to see No.19 acts like Dennis Ferrer and Art Department

Dennis Ferrer by Marjana Jaidi 

For more on The BPM Festival 2015, head over to Part 1 of our photo diary series and stay tuned for our Facebook album for more photos of DJs and fans.

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