CMJ 2014: Exploding in Sound Presents Krill at The Trash Bar

posted by Dan Murphy on October 27, 2014

Krill at Silent Barn by Nicole Brunet 

Brooklyn, New York -- In continuation with CMJ Music Marathon, Massachusetts-transplants Krill took the stage at The Trash Bar as part of Exploding in Sound Records' official showcase. The band has garnered a significant local following in the past year due to the well-received 2013 LP Lucky Leaves, which led to their inclusion on the aforementioned record label for this year's Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts Into Tears EP. Their Trash Bar set featured a few tracks from each release with a bunch of new material thrown in as well.

The first thing to note is the quirky, self-deprecating nature of lead-singer/bassist Jonah Furman's lyrics. The title track off the recent EP - the show's opener - follows a narrator as he hears the band Pile (also on Exploding in Sound) for the first time and is so taken with them he attempts to hop on one of their bills while proclaiming, "If I could make something good, I would have by now." This sort of mindset follows throughout most of Krill's music, as Furman on "Turd" irreverently likens himself to the song's title and on "Infinite Power" exclaims "If you want to feel like a failure, that's your right."

While getting depression out in songwriting is certainly nothing new, what really makes this band stand out is their ability to make the music reflect the awkwardness of the lyrics. While Furman's voice cracks all over the place, the drums explore math rock rhythms to disorient the listener while guitarist Aaron Ratoff employs a single high-pitched, jangly guitar tone. 

All of these discordant factors coalesce into an impressively balanced sonic idea that essentially states, "Yeah man, shit sucks." Sure, this isn't the most profound idea in the world, but the way Krill conveys it through brutal honesty, unconventional humor, and musical ugliness is something remarkable. This band isn't afraid to take listeners down an uncomfortable rabbit hole, and, in turn, fans are immensely rewarded for it. 

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