CMW Releases the First Round of Showcasing Acts for 2015

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on December 12, 2014

Toronto, Canada -- Canadian Music Week (CMW) has announced the first round of showcasing acts for its now-expanded program taking place over 10 days from May 1-10, 2015.

Among the artists announced today are Banoffee, Dune Rats, Redway, Daytrip, Jack and Eliza, Harrison, The OBGM's, Love X Stereo, and The Dark Dials. Scroll down for the full lineup so far. 

While CMW is founded on the principle of providing a platform for up and coming artists, the festival/conference dedicates each edition to highlighting acts from a specific region. 2015 will be the year of Australia and New Zealand in Canada with artists like APES, Hamish Anderson, Tom West, KINGWOOD, King George, Julia Why?, I Am Giant, Marta Pacek, Phebe Starr, and Sweet Jean already confirmed. 

During the 10-day span of CMW, showcased artists will be joined by world-renowned acts as well as comedians, film screenings, award shows, and conferences designed with artists and the music industry specifically in mind. 

International artists inspired by the lineup so far have through December 31 to apply for the festival. All you have to do is register on the website or apply via sonicbids. An application fee of $50 will apply. Non-musicians can attend CMW by purchasing a 10-Day Festival Wristband. 

Full Lineup So Far: A Day as Wolves, A Lazarus Soul, about:, Acrobat, Adam Washburn Band, Adriel, AHI, Aldo the Band, Amberwood, Animalia, Apolline, Art & Woodhouse, AUKLAND, Avec Sans, BEAMS, Ben Kunder, Ben Rogers, Birds of Bellwoods, Blitz Berlin, Bloody Diamonds, Bordeen, Bride & Groom, BTRO, By the Glory, Cairo, CANVAS, Champion Lover, Chico Dusty, Christian Punk Band, Clairmont the Second, Cleo T., Daddy Issues, Dan Hubabrd, David Hodges, Day trip, Dead Broke, Dean West, Dear Criminals, DEON, Diamond Bones, Dylan Guthro, First Ghost, Forester, FRANKIE, Glass Gang, Go for the Eyes, Gold Complex, Gold Lake, Harrison, Heymoonshaker, HOTLAND, Hue, Isobel Trigger, Jack and Eliza, JAHKOY, Jekka, Jessica Stuart Few, Jodi Pederson, Julian Cruz, June Divided, K.I.D, KASHKA, Kate Todd, Kaydee, Last Bullet, Lexi Strate, Lightcraft, Little Boxer, Lord Quest, Lost In Film, Love X Stereo, Mark Brathwaite, Max Fullard, Meet the Blue, Mercurius FM, Mike Golden & Friends, Milo McMahon, Mindil Beach, Miracles of Modern Science, Mitch Belot, Mobina Galore, Mosley, Nemes, Nuela Charles, Obeson, OBGMs, Oh Malo, OL'CD, Oneiroi, OSIYM, Paint, Partycat, Pauma, Pigeon Phat, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Pleasantry, Pluto the 9th Wonder, POOL BOY, QuantumCorps, QVALIA, RAGERS, Raquel Cole, RAYCROFT, Redway, Satori Je, Scenic Route to Alaska, Shae Dupuy, SHARK WEEK, Shift-D, South of Bloor, Stacey, Summering, Swish, T. Nile, Ten Minute Detour, The Bends, The Black Fever, The Dark Dials, The Deadset, The Flying Museum Band, The Honeyrunners, The Killer Wails, The Lifts

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