Cultivora's 5 Top Picks for FYF Fest 2013

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on August 21, 2013

  • My Bloody Valentine - The Obvious Choice
  • Guards - The
  • METZ - The
  • Washed Out - The
  • No Age - The
  • Title Fight - The
  • FYF Fest 2011 by Oliver Walker

    Los Angeles, California -- We're heading out to FYF Fest this weekend for what's sure to be a fun-filled 10th anniversary. While the festival may not have as many days, stages, or artists as some other summer fests, there's enough talent on the lineup to satiate my needs, and then some.

    From the obvious to the can't-get-enough, scroll through for our top 5 picks for FYF Fest.

  • My Bloody Valentine - The Obvious Choice

    Despite not being old enough to truly appreciate My Bloody Valentine in their heyday, I've been no less excited to catch the shoe-gaze foursome on one of their sparse festival dates this year. You can guarantee I'll be enjoying every minute of MBV and Loveless alike.

  • Guards - The "I Can't Get Enough" Choice

    No surprise here. Cultivora has caught Guards everywhere from Austin's SXSW to Osheaga in Montreal. Yet, there's something about the group that keep us coming back for more and FYF Fest will be no exception. I'm ready to get my hair envy on.

  • METZ - The "Round 2" Choice

    Despite listening to their self-titled debut album since its release last year, I've only managed to see METZ once in 2013. Their set at SXSW garnered lead singer Alex Edkins the nomination of Best SXSW Scream. Let's see if he can keep his title at FYF Fest. Challenge accepted?

  • Washed Out - The "New Music" Choice

    Paracosm isn't Washed Out's first album, but I haven't given Ernest Greene a fair enough shot in my music library until its release last week. Now that he's on my radar, I have to see whether the live version will keep him there - the true test in my book.

  • No Age - The "FYF Tradition" Choice

    No Age wasn't only the last band to be announced for this weekend's festival, it's the band that has played FYF the most. The fest's 10th anniversary marks Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt's 7th appearance, including once as Wives.

    While the duo is far from the only punk band on the lineup, I'm still excited to get a taste of their experimental take on the genre. And if their FYF track record is any indication, I'm in for a good show.

  • Title Fight - The "Honorable Mention" Choice

    By now I'm sure you've noticed I've already listed my top 5 picks for FYF Fest, but I had to sneak in one more as an honorable mention. Here's why...

    The only other time I've seen Pennsylvania-based punk rock band was on a boat, at sunset, while cruising by the Statue of Liberty - seriously. While there was nothing like watching organizers push crowds back from the band that played stateless on the top deck while kids crowd-surfed over head ignoring the fact that they were on a boat, I didn't get great sound from the night. I watched the scene from behind the drummer, definitely the best view in the house, but, c'mon, the sound sucked. I don't expect a better setting (here's to you Rocks Off) but I hope FYF Fest will provide better sound.

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