DIY Face Paint: 6 Ways to Look Festive at a Festival

posted by Ilana Dadras on June 05, 2014

Via Free People

The perfect time to experiment with colorful face paint and excessive body glitter is at festivals, so why not take advantage? Here are some of our favorite inspiration photos and tips - what to pack, what to paint, and how to get it all off and start again. 

We've split body and face paint into our top 5 festival looks: from tribal to floral and everything in between, get your brushes out and get your friends festival-ready with our DIY Face Paint guide. 

What to Pack

Basic palette (Try: Wolfe Palettes, available in both "Essentials" and "Metallic")
Brush kit (Try: Paradise Brush Kit)
Pocket-sized palette (Try: Nasty Gal Beauty and Body Paint, available in both "Rainbow" and "Purple")
Pocket-sized Face Crayons (Try: Free People Face Crayons, available in both "Pearl" and "Bright")
Glitter Gels (Try: Snazaroo Glitter Gels in "Red Gold" or "Gold Dust")
Metallic Flash-Tats (Try: Zahra Tattoos)
Makeup Remover (Try: Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes)


Via Tink Schmink / Via Circ Heart 

Straight lines, neat dots, and cool patterns are a chic way to accessorize your face and body. Try a bold pattern in metallic paint, or try a funky pattern around your eyes - sketch out a pattern with a black Face Crayon, and fill in the shapes with bright colors like green, pink, and orange.
Metallic Flash-Tats are an interesting way to slap on some color and style in a moment's time - check out the Lena collection by Flash Tattoos, which includes 4 sheets of rad geometric patterns. Choose a couple for yourself, and share the rest with friends at your campsite or in line at the festival gates.


Via Into the Gloss Bubble

If you're anything like me, you use any possible opportunity in this life to coat your eyelids/cheeks/collarbones in sparkles. If you're nothing like me, this is still a good opportunity to add some shine to your festival look - pat on loose glitter in a band across your eyes and the bridge of your nose, or place flecks of glitter on your eyelids and down your cheeks in a random or diamond-shaped design. 


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From flower crowns to floral prints, flowers have always found a place in festival fashion. Use your basic palette to paint a simple daisy design around the eyes (see above), or get a little more creative by covering your forehead in a lush design, and painting petals falling down the rest of your face. We love the blue flower design pictured below. Alternatively, take a modern twist by painting a floral-geometric pattern on half of your face, and leaving the rest bare, save for 60s-inspired eye makeup.

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Via Shuana Lynch / Via NatalieOffDuty / Via Refinery29

If you're not trying to go totally wild but want to add a little something special to your look, why not try one of these basic designs? Add a couple of stripes under one or both eyes in a color that accentuates your eyes (Hazel/Brown eyes, try deep green...  Green eyes, try purple... Blue eyes, go for bronze, deep pinks and purples, or dark gold glitter...) Note: These are just suggestions, please use whatever damn color you like.

Alternatively, paint on a basic stripe pattern in solid white. It may sound plain compared to the rest of these ideas, but it's sure to look clean and chic. A swipe of black liquid liner on the top lid and a thick band of glitter on the bottom is another simple yet festival-ready option.


Via Yoshan Churnac / Via

Get creative with feature-framing designs in colors like teal, white, and yellow. Try a line down your forehead and chin, with additional thin stripes beginning at the corners of your eyes and extending over your cheeks.  Finish off with small white dots around the stripes. Get inspired by the look on the top right for a fresh, playful take on tribal face paint.

Try out your favorite face or body paint look at one of this month's upcoming festivals like Governors Ball, Field Day, Bonnaroo, or Firefly.

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