Eyn Phone Storage Case: A Festival Essential

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 04, 2014

Before Thanksgiving, as I was compiling our annual Holiday Gift Guide, I came across a product that would change my festival experiences forever. A product so revolutionary I not only recommended it to Cultivora readers, but placed it on the top of my own Christmas wish list, with plans to purchase for myself if my family members didn't pull through. 

After two years of festivalgoers praising charging phone cases as the only case they'll ever need, I remained unconvinced, always having mine fail mid-festival. What I decided I need in a phone case isn't chargeability - I have an external power source for that. I need convenience and utility, and that's exactly what I get from my  Eyn Phone Storage Case

You can keep your Eyn case on your phone everyday (i do) - the clip component is just as convenient to hold a Metro Card as it is a festival ticket - but it has notable benefits for festivals. Let me elaborate...


Eyn products allow access to everything you need at a festival in the palm of your hand, or back pocket. The case opens to reveal a clip for your ID, credit cards, festival ticket, and cash adjacent to a mirror that allows you to apply sunscreen or check the status of your face paint without braving a port-a-potty. 


The case also eliminates the need to bring your entire wallet to a festival. No longer do you have to fear a lost wallet with all your cards and cash gone in a flash - we've all heard those horror stories. 


Don't want to haul around a large bag the entire day of standing and dancing? With Eyn, you don't have to. Just bring your phone attached to the handy (but optional) wristlet they provide, or place it conveniently in your fanny pack or small backpack. 


Even if you still need a large bag for a blanket, water bottle, or jacket, Eyn eliminates the time it takes to search through said large bag to find your ID at the bar, money at a food truck, or makeup bag for a mirror. 
Before festival season gets into full-swing, do yourself a favor and get your hands on an Eyn Phone Case. Eyn's many colors and styles are available for the iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4 in their online store

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