Industry Insider: Joanne Abbot Green of CMJ Music Marathon

posted by Marjana Jaidi on October 09, 2013

New York, NY -- 1,400 artists. 80 venues. 100,000 music lovers. It’s hard to believe that the epic annual event known as CMJ Music Marathon started with two bands in one New York City venue, but that’s just a testament to how far it’s come over the last 30+ years.

Joanne Abbot Green started CMJ Music Marathon with the goal of identifying and marketing emerging talent by bringing together the sectors that could make it happen. While CMJ still fulfills this goal, the festival and conference have evolved to stay ahead of the rapidly changing music industry.

Read an excerpt from our interview below, and check out the full version in the Official CMJ Travel Guide.

Why did you decide to create CMJ? What did you feel the music industry was lacking? How did CMJ fill that void?
At the time there was no music business conference that at the time attracting the various sectors that focused on the identification and marketing of emerging music talent: college radio, independent retail, and fanzines/independent publications. CMJ Music Marathon would fill that void.

Why do you think music festivals are important to the industry? How do you think they help the industry expand?
Festivals are great tools because they attract many people in the same place at the same time to enjoy the same great music. In CMJ’s case, more than 100,000 music fans are being introduced to music curated by us that they have, in all likelihood, never heard before. It’s a place where young artists get their first shot and have the best chance to get their career in higher gear.

As the ultimate CMJ insider, what advice do you have for people attending the conference for the first time?
Comfortable shoes, hydration, lots of business cards, and a willingness to be adventurous and to attend CMJ shows not featuring the buzz bands of the minute. You’ll no doubt be surprised and delighted with what you’ll find.

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