Lanserhof: A Post-Snowbombing Relaxation Haven in the Alps

posted by Rose Mardit on February 28, 2012

If you want to extend your Tyrolean vacation and need a place to unwind, look no further than Laserhof. Three-time winner of the European Health and Spa Award, this medical resort-cum-relaxation oasis is just one hour away from Mayrhofen, making it the ideal location for some post-Snowbombing R&R.

Based on the philosophy of the Austria doctor F.X. Mayr, the LANS Med Concept centers on detoxification as a means to maximize health. Cleanses and detoxes have become trendy in recent years, but the staff - six doctors, 40 therapists, chefs, and sports scientists, among others - are interested in creating more than a temporary feel-good experience. They don't believe that detox means deprivation. Here, detox includes massage, baths, and peels, processes designed to stimulate the senses in ways that actually feel good, while the organs metabolic system and skin are being cleansed. To be sure, this facility is more than just a medical spa or hotel with health and spa offerings.

Combining cutting-edge medical technologies with traditional practices of detox and regeneration, this approach to preventive medicine ensures that guests can cultivate a lasting sense of wellbeing. Their holistic health practices include energy and sleep medicine, nutrition, mental health, fitness, dermatology, and general medical treatment. The doctors and therapists work cooperatively to develop treatment plans for every guest, a highly personalized service is the cornerstone of the LANS Med Concept methodology. Not only is Lanserhof connected to some of the top medical facilities in Europe, but an onsite research facility means that the care is always improving. Lectures and workshops teach you how to take the healing experience home, even after your stay has ended.

It might sound overwhelming to be in this kind of environment for long (the average stay is just under two weeks,) especially after a week of partying in the mountains with other Snowbombers, but medicine isn't the only thing on offer. With access to mountain, forest, lake and field, Lanserhof is perfectly situated for those who enjoy the outdoors. Programs are integrated with nature through cross-country ski, walking, and hiking trails; mountain bike and jogging routes; and a natural swimming pool at the lake. There are a number of ways to move and relax both indoors and out at Lanserhof itself (Nordic walking, Qi Gong, yoga, pilots, Salsa dancing, and gymnastics, to name a few), in addition to horseback riding and several golf courses nearby.

The modern stone and wood architecture support the particular kind of relaxation that visitors seek. Everything is carefully designed, down to what architect Dr. Regina Dahman-Ingenhoven calls the "Healing Light" concept. Luxurious contemporary furnishings and beautiful views come standard, and many rooms have additional amenities, like walk-in closets, balconies, fireplaces, and designer bathtubs (Philippe Starck, Alessi Design.)

Given the picturesque setting and unique roster of treatments, it's no wonder that most people who go to Lanserhof come back for repeat visits. Whether you want to recharge after the festival, or life's responsibilities have left you feeling overworked and overstimulated, this is an attractive destination for the health-conscious traveler.

Lanserhof is 20-30 minutes away from the airport and train station in Innsbruck. Airport transfers from Innsbruck and Munich (2 hour drive) can also be arranged. To inquire about prices and arrange your stay, contact Lanserhof HERE.