Music Monday Playlist: ATP End Of An Era Part 2

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on November 25, 2013

Photo: The Dismemberment Plan at CMJ 2013 by Oliver Correa

Camber Sands, UK -- All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) will throw one last hurrah in Camber Sands this weekend to bring their UK Holiday Camp series to its official end.

The celebratory festival, aptly named ATP End Of An Era Part 2, will be curated by the festival and co-curator/headliner Loop. Some of the acts that'll help say farewell to the camps include, Mogwai, Slint, The Pop Group, Fuck Buttons, Dismemberment Plan, and Shellac, who unfortunately had to be excluded from our playlist due to a lack of Spotify.

If you're attending the farewell fest this weekend, stream our playlist on your roadtrip, during your flight, or for your pregame. Not attending? Hit play, make yourself a living room fort, and pretend you're at the camp.

Goodbye ATP! It's been real.

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