Music Monday Playlist: Jazz Fest 2014

posted by Dan Murphy on April 21, 2014

Jazz Fest 2012 by Marjana Jaidi

New Orleans, Louisiana -- The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest) is back this week for its annual eleven-day event which began in 1970. The music will be spread across ten stages and span various genres (with awesome food tents, too!). 

The lineup this year features some of your dad's favorite bands (Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Santana, John Fogerty) as well as bigger contemporary acts (Arcade Fire, Robin Thicke, Vampire Weekend) with a few curveballs thrown in (Christina Aguilera?). 

Jazz Fest has been a staple of New Orleans for decades and serves as the culmination of the city's music, art, culture, and cuisine. The festival has moved from primarily jazz to all genres of music and will feature over 80 artists this year. 

To celebrate its return, we're bringing you the ultimate Jazz Fest Playlist. It has our favorite songs from every single artist on the bill from the headliners right down to the little guys with a few liberties taken (sorry, Clapton, your best song was with Derek and the Dominos). Make sure to check out our Jazz Fest 2014 Guide for festival insights and the best spots to eat, sleep, shop, party, and explore around New Orleans. 

Happy streaming and have fun at Jazz Fest!

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