Get Turned On (To Great Music) at Le Foufounes Electriques

posted by Rose Mardit on March 28, 2012

Once upon a time, a group of friends decided that Montreal's underground scene needed its own after-hours watering hole and cultural hotspot. Lovers of experimental and contemporary art found a home at Les Foufounes Electriques, which means "electric ass" in English (though Google Translate has another interesting suggestion). It wasn't long before live music became an important part of the mix, and ultimately the reason that Foufs is still highly regarded, nearly 30 years later.

Always on the cutting edge of new talent, they booked some of the most iconic bands of the late 80s and early 90s: Nirvana, the Melvins, Sonic Youth, Skinny Puppy, Superchunk. Even after finances forced its doors closed in 1993, the club reopened and soon established itself as the preeminent live music venue in the city. Alternative culture flourished within these walls, at a time when the local nightlife didn't have a place to accommodate the scene. Some say it was Canada's answer to CBGB's. The long list of former guests includes Fu Manchu, Nine Inch Nails, Jawbreaker, Smashing Pumpkins, the Misfits, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Green Day, and countless others.

These days, people come to Foufs for drinks, good company, and of course, music. The bar on the first floor is a great place to start and end the night, and the second floor is worth checking out, even with a cover charge. A giant furry spider posted outside the door matches the art-filled, grungy, hodgepodge decor. This is a land where music reigns supreme, where cheap drinks fuel the crowd as they dance and swarm the mosh pit. It's a huge space but can still get crowded on some nights, and the club is still just as punk- and metal-friendly now as it was in the beginning.

Le Foufounes Electriques is a local institution. Its downtown location is convenient for nighttime partying and a fun, wild crowd ensure a good time. Diverse lineups don't hurt either. Visitors can see some death metal (Hate Eternal), DnB (Netsky, High Contrast), country/alternative rock (Lucero), and punk rock (Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls), and more, all in the next couple of months. Be sure to check out their calendar.