Music Monday Playlist: Skate and Surf 2014

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on May 12, 2014

Asbury Park, NJ -- Skate and Surf's long-awaited return to Asbury Park is this weekend, which means we're getting ready to party like it's 2004 with the reuniting Midtown and Saosin, along with long-standing scene favorites Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory

But there's plenty of other music to get excited for on Skate and Surf's lineup, too, so we put together a playlist to highlight the diverse genres of the festival. In light of the reuniting headliners, themes center around time, breaking up, and getting back together, but that string is loose because of the pronounced differences of the genres that will be in attendance.
Our playlist features every band on the lineup (barring the ones not on Spotify), from the pop-punk classics, to metalcore favorites like We Came As Romans, to radio-pop jams like Jake Miller. The songs are grouped in that order, too; so if you want to hear Skate and Surf's pop-punk and emo acts, start from the beginning. For the heavier, screamier stuff, start around "Unnecessarily Necessary" by The Mongoloids; and for the more poppy picks, start from "Worlds Collide" by Basic Vacation.  

Or, listen to the whole thing to get the full Skate and Surf picture! Whether you're looking for a throwback or an up-and-coming track, this playlist is all you need to get stoked for Skate and Surf. 

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