Northside 2014: Perfect Pussy

posted by Dan Murphy on June 15, 2014

Photos by Laura Baker-Finch

Brooklyn, New York -- There are a couple things you have to accept when listening to Syracuse-natives Perfect Pussy. Firstly, you'll be able to understand very little of what lead-singer Meredith Graves is shouting. Secondly, your ears aren't really built to comprehend the volume or content of the music 

When they took the stage at the Knitting Factory for Northside Festival, the crowd was comprised of mostly press-members trying to catch the early show to avoid heading farther north to St. Vitus later that night. Naturally, it was a pretty mellow audience for the punk-rockers, but that didn't stop them from bringing the noise. Part of me wishes that I caught them later in the night. I might have gotten punched in the face a few times, but that's kind of what I'm looking for with this music.

Viewing Meredith Graves' on-stage demeanor isn't unlike watching a nervous breakdown. She'll ferociously shout lyrics at rampant speeds and throw herself across the stage, while privately giggling in between songs. It's refreshing to see a small lady with a bowl-cut and flimsy dress command a stage in such a way. Punk rock is all about subversion, and she's managing to subvert the standards of the male-dominated genre itself. Badass. 

There's a moment on the group's new album Say Yes to Love during the song "Interference Fits" in which the incessant noise cuts out for a second and Graves screams the album's title. This was the defining moment of the show for me, because it reminded audience-members that there is more depth here than simple fury. Yes, the music is loud and angry, but it also calls you to transcend this aggression - a nice idea that all can get behind. 

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