Pair a Sprayground Backpack With Your Favorite Festival

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 07, 2014

The Spring Collection from "rebel bag company," Sprayground, has finally arrived - and it’s perfect for music festival season. 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more convenient at a festival than a backpack. You can store your extra layers, a water bottle, camera, and the rest of your festival essentials all while keeping your hands free for dancing… or double fisting. But festivals aren’t just a place for convenience, the free nature of these events calls for creativity and, with Sprayground, you can have both. 

We paired each backpack in the new Sprayground Spring Collection with the 2014 festival to take it to. Scroll down to see which backpack is perfect for the festival you’re attending, or play it the other way around to see what festival your lust-worthy backpack should accompany you to. 

As you’re scrolling down, click on each image to enlarge the backpack, see different angles, and purchase. Once you decide which one is your favorite, tweet us for your chance to win a free backpack of your choice! 

Copy and paste the message below with your backpack design of choice and make sure you’re following @Sprayground and @Cultivora to be eligible. You have until Monday, March 17 at Midnight to get your tweets in! 


March 21-30; Miami, Florida

No explanation is needed for this pairing - '305' is the area code for Miami, after all. Take some Miami Vice inspiration from The 305 backpack to get into the true Miami frame of mind, whether you're party-hopping around South Beach for Winter Music Conference or riding shoulders at Ultra

Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen, or laptop if you’re the DJ.


March 21-22; New Orleans, Louisiana

The tribal design and colors could fit myriad festivals, regardless of their connection to the Native American tribe of the backpack’s namesake, but we landed on the BUKU Project. BUKU's designs - from its website and press releases to onsite memorabilia - recall at once its emphasis on graffiti art and the colorful designs of this new Sprayground pick. 

Pack your spray paint... just kidding, leave that to the professionals.


April 7-12; Mayrhofen, Austria

Out of all the camouflage backpacks in Sprayground’s Spring Line, the Stashed White may be your best bet at blending in - at Snowbombing at least. The festival in the Alps mixes music with winter sports and this backpack can help you keep up, both for hands-free dancing and hastle-free skiing. The backpack will also come in handy during the festival’s Super Hero-themed Road Trip, the plain white exterior unzips to reveal a cash-laden interior print - magic.

Pack your ski goggles, gloves, and beanie.


April 11-13, 18-20; Indio, California 

Coachella’s palm tree skyline and oasis-in-the-desert persona are a perfect fit for Sprayground’s Jungle Camo backpack. Sure, you may not blend into the festival’s landscape like camouflage is intended to help you do, but you’ll definitely stand out - and that’s what festival style at Coachella is all about. 

Pack a bandana in case of a dust storm and your best outfit for the fashion bloggers.


May 16-18; Gulf Shores, Alabama

It’s almost funny how much the Ocean Camo design resembles Hangout Festival - blue and yellow color scheme, check; ocean, check; room for all your beach and festival needs, check! Whether you’re hanging ten on a surfboard or hanging out at the festival while down in Gulf Shores, this backpack is a must for function and fashion. 

Pack your swimsuit for the VIP hot tubs and a towel to sit in the sand. 


May 23-25, July 4-6; George, Washington 

We’re aware ‘sharks’ and ‘sasquatches’ are not the same thing. But, name aside, the two both resemble the monster details of the Denim Shark backpack. Try to scare the festival’s resident mascot while at The Gorge Memorial Day or Fourth of July, you just might be able to take his place. Move over Sasquatch, there’s a new beast in town. 

Pack snacks from your campsite and a sweater for after the sun sets on the Gorge. 


June 6-8; New York, New York 

On Wednesday, New Yorkers wear black. Scratch that, we always wear black - and with the new Stashed Black backpack from Sprayground, you can fit right in with the locals while on Randall’s Island. The backpack’s sleekness will also help you transition easily from day-time festival to a night out in NYC. Plus, while the black exterior may seem ‘plain,’ the inside money stack print (á la the Snowbombing backpack) is anything but.

Pack your Metro Card and sleek leather jacket for one of Gov Ball’s after parties. 


June 18-27; Boom, Belgium 

The colors of Gamoflauge scream Tomorrowland - just peep their flyer, logo, or website for why. But there's more to this pairing than color coordination. Tomorrowland's larger-than-life productions and late-night focus create an atmosphere that's out of this world, just like the galaxy-inspired print of the backpack. 

Pack your country’s flag and your camera, you don’t want to forget the sights. 


August 29-31; New York, New York 

Unleash your inner animal at the zoo this year with the Rhython. The red may not be as, well, neon as most Electric Zoo outfits, but the scaled print is sure to bring out your animalistic and rhythmic instincts, or at the very least pair nicely with an Adam & Eve-themed outfit. 

Pack neon paint, glitter, and glow sticks.  

Don't forget to tweet  your favorite backpack for your chance to win the Sprayground backpack of your choosing! 

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