Photo Gallery: The Art and Atmosphere of The BUKU Project

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 23, 2014

  • Photos by Marjana Jaidi

    New Orleans, Louisiana -- The art and street performances at The BUKU Project were equally as attention-grabbing as the lineup - it is the BUKU Music + Art Project after all. From the Lowe's-sponsored Living Art Wall (pictured above) to the performers floating across the festival grounds (both official and spur-of-the-moment), a quick walk between stages could just as easily become a B-boy dance-off.

  • Voodoo-inspired stilt walkers brought BUKU art to a new height…

  • … literally.

  • B-boys created mini performances across the BUKU grounds.

  • … and made us worry we'd be kicked in the face.

  • But not all performances were in the official program.

  • Each festivalgoer added something special to BUKU's art component.

  • Surrounded by Mardis Gras floats, there was no questioning the name of the Float Den Stage.

  • And if the floats weren't enough, you only had to look up to remember you were in New Orleans.

  • Even the charging station had a touch of graffiti flair.

  • Floor seating is out, giant group hammocks are in.

  • Street performers made it easy to get lost in the moment and maybe even miss a band on stage...

  • … day or night.

  • Art wasn't just confined to the Living Art Wall, this artist showed her talent in the Ballroom.

  • One of the best ways to soak in the art and atmosphere? With a White Guy Pad Thai in hand.

  • Some attendees used the official BUKU art installations to inspire their own.

  • The Living Art Wall was a work in progress throughout BUKU's two days, eventually culminating into a masterpiece.