Rookie Festival Mistakes: What Can & Will Go Wrong, and How To Fix It

posted by Maya Shaw-Faber on August 07, 2014

You can have the best weekend of your life at a music festival, but that doesn't mean you won't run into some snafus along the way. The key to getting back on track to see your favorite band is coming prepared, knowing a quick fix, and looking out for your friends. Here's a list of some common mistakes, and the best way to fix or avoid them.

Mistake: Your car battery died from charging your phone, leaving the lights on, or taking a quick pit stop in the AC.

Solution: Don't leave home without jumper cables and don't be afraid to ask your neighbors for help. It's important to make sure your car starts and you have enough gas to get out of the fest. The last thing you want to do is miss your bus, train, or flight home.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

Mistake: You or one of your friends got hurt in the mosh pit, feels sick, or is dehydrated.

Solution: NEVER go out without water on hand and know where the closest medical tent is at all times. It will come in handy more often than you think. It's best to tell the medic every substance you or friend has had; most festivals have a no-questions-asked policy - even if they don't, your friend's safety is more important than getting in trouble.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

Mistake: You've lost your friends in the crowd while you dancing to your own beat and your cell is dead from posting all those Instagrams.

Solution: Create a designated meeting spot in advance, like under a shady tree or by the water station. Doing a couple hours solo can be fun and give you the chance to meet new people, but always have a set time to meet back up with your friends to make sure everyone's okay and having an awesome time.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

Mistake: Your feet are bruised, blistered, or bleeding. Maybe those new sandals you bought weren’t such a great idea..

Solution: Always bring back up shoes, like old sneaks you don’t mind wearing in the mud. Nothing ruins a weekend like limping with every step. Forget about making a fashion statement and go for comfort with Converse, Tevas, or Vibrams.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

Mistake: You’ve packed your backpack with everything you need, like bubbles and glitter and glow sticks, but now it’s the size of a small child. You don't want to carry that around all day!

Solution: Try a small, cross-body bag packed with just the essentials, like cash, sunscreen, and water. Plus, no one likes to get shoved by a bag in the front row. It also helps to do a wardrobe change at night, so you can ditch the sunscreen and grab a sweater.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

Mistake: You were overly ambitious on Day One and tried to see every show, drink every drink, and never took a break. Now you’re burnt out before your favorite band even does their set.

Solution: Indulge in afternoon naps. Trust us, it's worth it. Never ever rest or fall asleep in direct sunlight to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion, and drink lots of water. Also, be aware alcohol is dehydrating and is best not to drink while you're sweating in the sun.

Mysteryland USA by Marjana Jaidi

Mistake: You're stuck in a huge line for the Porta-Potty that smells like it hasn't been cleaned since last year's fest.

Solution: Always come prepared with a mini bathroom kit in a plastic bag that has toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and any other toiletry you might need. It also pays off big time to be aware of what time of day the Porta-Potties are cleaned, like early in the morning, so you can go before anyone else goes.

Secret Solstice by Oliver Correa

Mistake: Your fave band is playing next but you have no clue how to get to the front.

Solution: We have several tips for making to the barricade, including accepting the fact that people will think you're a jerk so be polite as possible and make friends with people who camp out at the barricade all day long.

Firefly Festival by Laura Baker-Finch

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