Roskilde Band Schedule Posted

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on June 13, 2012

The band schedule for the 41st annual Roskilde Festival is now available. The festival will take place July 5-8 in Roskilde, Denmark, with its Warm-Up kicking things off June 30. So even though you'll have a few days onsite before the music itself starts, you'll definitely still want to plan your schedule before heading to the event.

With so many artists across various genres on the Roskilde roster playing over 7 stages, keeping track of your must-sees can be a bit overwhelming. Roskilde doesn't allow festivalgoers to customize their own schedules online, but they are promising wifi at this year's event so you can access the full schedule onsite. You can also check out the descriptions of each festival stage, which are all dedicated to a specific genre or based on a particular premise, to decide which one fits your tastes the best.

If you're still planning your trip to Roskilde, or want to know a bit more about it, head to our Roskilde Festival Guide for all the insights and recommendations you need to know. While you're there check out our Denmark Travel Guide as well to plan your trip to the country.