Skate and Surf to Return in 2015

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on July 03, 2014

Asbury Park, New Jersey -- John D, the pop-punk scene's favorite festival organizer who most recently brought the Skate and Surf Festival back to Asbury Park, announced via twitter early this morning that the city has approved the festival's return on May 16 and 17, 2015. Here's the tweet in full, from the @GameChangerBoss himself:

Council approval is promising news this early in the festival's planning stages, especially after Skate and Surf's 2014 struggle to bring the festival to Asbury Park at all - organizers changed the location of the event from a sports complex in Middletown, NJ weeks after tickets had already gone on sale. This followed the 2013 festival's similar venue change, from Plaza Green at iPlay America to Six Flags Great Adventure.

With that in mind, maybe the 2014 festival's "meh" vibe was the result of those over at GameChangerWorld playing it safe, hoping to prove to the city that Skate and Surf wouldn't have a negative effect on city residents, and that the festival really is a part of Asbury Park, where it began in 2001. 

As stated in the twitter announcement, the Asbury Park council approved Skate and Surf's use of the beach. At the 2014 festival, the beach was basically a distant mirage. With no reentry, festivalgoers could hear the sound of the waves, but couldn't dip their toes in the water - at least not if they wanted to see Midtown perform at the end of the night. Maybe this year's true beachfront location will allow for some surf in addition to the skate.

According to the Asbury Park City Council's July 2 agenda, the exact requested location is "Bradley and Atlantic Park, Ocean Avenue from 5th to 6th Avenue, [and] Partial Street closing on Sunset and Kingsley Ave."

With early council approval, it looks like 2015 will break the two-year streak of location changes. Here's to hoping this isn't a false start, and that next year's festival won't crash any weddings like it did this year.

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