Snowbombing Announces Road Trip Theme

posted by Cultivora on January 16, 2012

The Snowbombing Road Trip is an annual tradition, in which 400 Snowbombers convene just south of London to collectively make the journey to Mayrhofen. The Road Trip kicks off with a departure party, the first of many celebrations along the way. There is also an overnight pit stop with a party (of course), featuring some of the artists on the Snowbombing lineup.

But wait, there’s more… The Road Trip’s fancy dress (that’s “costume” in Brit-speak) theme will be “TV Legends: The Car’s the Star.” Choose any famous car from TV (film is also acceptable), and dress as the car itself, or as the driver or crewmembers. Options are endless – from Scooby Doo and Cars to James Bond and The A Team.

Don’t miss out on this awesome adventure. The Road Trip costs ₤259 per car (up to five people), and includes a slew of events, a driver’s manual, round-trip ferry tickets, heavily discounted accommodations at the pit stop, parking, and a triumphant arrival procession in Mayrhofen. If you do participate in the Road Trip, be sure to book your Snowboming accommodations starting on April 8th, since you’ll be arriving a day early. Learn more HERE.