Sonar Barcelona and James Murphy Present DESPACIO, a New Clubbing Experience

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on February 27, 2014

Photo via Sonar

Barcelona, Spain -- For six hours each day of the summer festival, DESPACIO will create a partygoer experience for Sonar Barcelona attendees like no other.

Powered by McIntosh and created by LCD Soundsystem ex-frontman James Murphy with NY-based sound engineer John Klett (Tech Mecca), DESPACIO is a one-of-a-kind sound system aiming to "preserve, promote and celebrate the tradition of pure live music performances," rather than a stage spectacle. 

DESPACIO consists of seven giant, 11-foot stacks arranged in a circle, in between which festivalgoers become fully immersed in the music. While the technical specifications of the set up are of the highest quality for optimal sound, the rest of the experience remains relatively plain - and that's exactly the point. Murphy and Klett have created a pure experience, one untainted by spectacle for the sake of spectacle. 

During Sonar Barcelona (June 12-14), Murphy will be joined by David and Stephen Dewaele to soundtrack the experience. DESPACIO will run from 3:30-9:30pm throughout the festival and will run on a first-come, first-served basis in terms of capacity. 

Tickets to both Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night are on sale now, with professional accreditations available at a reduced price through March. 

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