Splendour in the Grass 2014 Reveals Arts and Crafts Lineup

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on June 10, 2014

Lionel Richie's Head via Hungry Castle 

Byron Bay, Australia -- From conceptual art performances to hot glue and glitter, Splendour in the Grass Festival has announced its 2014 arts and crafts program, including installations, workshops, and "sew much more!" The arts section, Splendour Arts, will comprise seven pieces of conceptual art installations, performances, and interactive theater pieces, while the crafts section, Splendour in the Craft, will return to put on all sorts of crafting workshops throughout the weekend.

"Rumspringer", a continuation of Australian artist Bennet Miller's 2013 "Barnraiser" living installation, is a community living on the Splendour grounds. While last year's piece confronted hedonistic festivalgoers with a community of hardworking, plain-living people building a barn while the festival went on around them, "Rumspringer" finds the community finished with their barn-building, now inviting patrons inside for drinks as their straight-laced lifestyles seem to have relaxed a little. 

For those who like their art a little more straightforward and sculptural, there will be Patricia Piccinini's "Skywhale," a balloon creature floating above the festival in celebration of nature. Complementing "Skywhale" will be a second inflatable sculpture that will celebrate nature in a more aggressive way. "Get Away From Her You Dick" by The Glitter Militia is a sculpture of a great white shark, representing the anger of a mistreated mother nature, aiming to tear apart the patriarchal system while reenforcing the value of humans' proper treatment of nature.

If you prefer less weighty concept and more cheeky fun in your art, don't miss the giant Lionel Richie Head by Hungry Castle. It's exactly what it sounds like - you can climb inside a giant sculpture of Lionel Richie's head, the very same one that appeared at last year's Bestival. 

The immersive art doesn't end there - also appearing will be The Valentines, directed by Valley Lipcer with the Roundabout Theatre. Two pink and red-clad ambassadors of Cupid himself will encourage love at Splendour in the Grass, helping you to send and receive love letters all weekend. 

Sound too lovey-dovey for your taste? Then hit up the Rock n' Roll Drive-In, presented by Andy Forbes and The Tent of Miracles. "Alien Vampires, Monster Perverts and Bombshell Blondes" promise rebellious romance from dusk 'til dawn.

Lastly, graffiti artist KAB101 will debut new work on the Splendour underpass, adding to 2013's design by Sam Songailo. KAB101 has also painted three old-school Adelaide bus shelters that will be on display during the festival. 

Via Splendour in the Grass

But if you'd rather be making the art than viewing it, the Splendour in the Craft workshops are for you. Make piñata boom boxes, guitar pick charm bracelets, scissors paper rock 'n roll fanzines, bespoke eyelashes, beard embellishments, and more with Australian crafters like Beci Orphan, Kitiya Palaskas, Matt Format, Fancy Free, Ms Candy Sparkles, and special guest crafters selected from the Splendour music lineup.

In the craft oasis, there will also be a Mend it Like Beckham station where festivalgoers can have any sartorial disasters mended for free, a Veg Out area where you can start a project from the Free Craft Library, and the SouthSide Tea Room, a café run by indie band The Grates

Check out more details about all the arts and crafts activities on the official Splendour in the Craft page. And if you're going to Splendour in the Grass 2014, check out our festival guide for all the tips, tricks, and insider insights you'll need to make the best of your festival experience.

Happy crafting!

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