Splendour in the Grass 2014 Reveals Tipi Forest Lineup

posted by Alyssa Buffenstein on June 24, 2014

Tipi Forest via the festival

Byron Bay, Australia -- Producers, DJs, and dancers, oh my! Splendour in the Grass has announced the lineup for this year's Tipi Forest. 

The forest, an open-floor area scattered with tipi tents, will be filled throughout the weekend with producers and DJs including Black Math, Boom Faya, Afrogalactic Alex, and Chris Deckker, and performers and dancers like Boom Dee Brides and Legs Like Ladders. The area will be decorated by ambience artists including Crystal Grid, Maggie Schreiber, and more. Scroll down to see the full lineup of producers, DJs, performers and artists. 

While Splendour in the Grass doesn't officially begin until Friday, July 25, the Tipi Forest will open on Thursday night for campers, so they can get the party started just a little earlier. On Friday, the Tipi Forest will launch the festival with an audiovisual tribute to Electric Tipi, the crew that created the Tipi Forest. The rest of the weekend, DJs and producers will keep the jams pumping so you can hit the dance floor whenever you so choose.

Tickets for Splendour in the Grass are all sold out, but if you've already got one, be sure not to miss the audiovisual spectacular that will be the Tipi Forest.

Producer Lineup: Black Math, Boom Faya, Cenobite, Dark Nebula, Dysphemic & Miss Eliza, Harmless Prankster, Marz Rhythm Starz, Mult1verse, Shifteq, Surge, Tantrum, Tumble, Uncle Jack, Minus One

DJ Lineup: Afrogalactic, Alex, Chris Deckker, Dancing Tiger, Jimmy Derler, Kamos, Kimski, Leo Diaz, Lucious Deed, Pob, Pumpernickle, She J, Webber, Xfakta

Performance and Dance Lineup: Boom Dee Brides, Legs Like Ladders, Madam Tempest's Pyro Circtacular, Sistagurl, Strange Dreams, The Cassettes, The Dancing Accountant, Turntable Falls Coco Circus

Ambience and Artwork Lineup: Crystal Grid, Maggie Schreiber, Maypole Grove, Rainbow Tipis, Terraspatial

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