STRP Biennial: For the Musically, Artistically, and Technologically Curious

posted by Rose Mardit on February 28, 2013

Eindhoven, NL -- If I wanted to burn a hole in my pocket with another transatlantic vacation, I’d definitely be on my way to the Netherlands right now. Suddenly, this city in Noord Brabant (ironic since it is actually the southernmost province of the NL) has jumped to the top of my shortlist for Dutch travel destinations. STRP’s regular programming is about to culminate with the Biënnale, a special festival which runs March 1-10. Featuring art, music, film, dance, gaming, and more, there is something for everyone here - especially if you have an interest in science and technology. Particularly exciting for the music lovers among us are three music-heavy days, which span two weekends: a night of DJ sets (3/2) and two nights of live performances (3/8 and 3/9).

The first weekend of STRP Biennial boasts a Dance Night on Saturday, where Boddika, Martyn, Hudson Mohawke, Machinedrum, Apparat, Modeskeletor, SBTRKT, DJ Shadow, and more will be spinning until 6am. For those who only want to go to the Dance Night and not the rest of the festival, €30 will get you in.

The second weekend has more to get excited about. Japanese electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda will present “Superposition” for the first time, a performance piece fusing sound art and quantum mechanics. There will be another opportunity to see Martyn as well, this time in the form of a collaboration with Dutch visual artist Erosie and French filmmaker Xavier Magot. Also noteworthy: jameszoo’s sample-based opera using Marguerite Humeau’s extinct animals sounds, a live audiovisual show by Jon Hopkins, and the mysterious but charmingly named Marshmallow Laser Feast.

Also worth mentioning is the STRP SHARE component of the festival, which involves interactive and educational programming for KIDS (primary school), SCHOOL (secondary school), COLLEGE (students of art, design, media, and technology), and SENIOR (retired professionals from the technology industry). With exhibits, workshops, masterclasses, and lectures, there is something geared to every age group and background. Better yet, some of these projects don’t simply exist within the confines of the event, but are in fact designed to last an entire year.

It only happens every two years, so if you are in the area, be sure to check out STRP Biennial. Here is the full agenda; tickets for all of the above and more can be purchased via the festival site.

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