Stylish Camping Gear for Coachella's Fashionable Festivalgoers

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on April 08, 2014

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Indio, California -- Let's face it, camping at Coachella isn't exactly roughing it in the wilderness, it barely even classifies as nature. The campgrounds are on a flat field immediately outside of the main festival entrance, are walked through by non-campers dropped off from the shuttles, and are only a few steps from a main road. 

That being said, Coachella campers still need to be properly equipped to reside in a tent, put up with port-a-potties as bathrooms, and to exist sans air conditioning and electricity for a weekend. We have multiple lists and how-to guides to cover the essentials (from the coolest tents and best solar-powered gear to basic essentials and items for low-maintenance grooming), but Coachella-goers are in a category all their own. These fashionable festivalgoers deserve camping equipment as stylish as their carefully thought-out ensembles. 

1. Cocktail Kit 

While many festival campers will make do with cans of PBR that've been warming in the sun for two days, Coachella-goers expect something shaken, stirred, and made with utensils that come packed in a stylish, leather-trimmed bag. 

2. Roll-Up Blanket

This nylon-backed blanket will make pre-gaming the festival each morning both comfortable and dirt-free. Plus, the roll-up design and carrying handle ensure it's easy to pack and store, so you can keep your campsite and car free of clutter. 

3. Hand-Crank Blender

With this electricity-negating, hand-crank blender you'll be able to wake up your fellow campers with the question, Fresh juice or margaritas, anyone? Pure bliss.

4. Sleeping Bag 

Sleeping bags are a camping essential regardless of the festival, but who says they have to be boring or worse - made out of nylon, polyester, or taffeta? Sleep covered in hand-made, heirloom-quality cotton that'll ensure you'll dream as well as when indoors.

5. Leather Cooler 

You know those standard Coleman coolers your dad used to tailgate with and your mom brought to soccer practice? Jayson Home has made them hip, covering each with natural and dark brown leather with cross-stitch detailing at the seams. 

6. Ditty Bag 

Ditty bags are great catch-alls for whatever you need while camping. Fill it with your toiletries and towel on your way to the shower, utensils and snacks while eating outside your tent, or the items you want in arms reach while snug in your sleeping bag. Whatever you pack it with, feel at ease it'll be element-safe (it's made of reinforced waxed canvas) and stylish (it comes in three colors and looks as good slung over your shoulder as it does hooked to a branch).

7. Bluetooth Speakers

Sure there'll be plenty of music to enjoy within the festival gates, but, if you want to be the coolest-campers at the campsite, you'll need to come prepared with speakers. The MINI JAMBOX connects via Bluetooth and comes in nine colors to match your Coachella camping vibe.

8. Patterned Tent

We've included Field Candy in our 8 favorite festival tents, but we're going one step further for Coachella to Field Candy's limited edition designer tents. We're partial to Jonathan Zawada's 'Grasslands' design and Terry Pastor's 'Space Invadors,'  but there are nine designers total to choose from, ranging from photographers, graphic designers, print artists, fashion designers, and album artwork icons. 

9. French Press

Not only will Coachella campers never agree to miss their morning coffee, they'll never settle for that instant crap either - and now they don't have to. The French Press brewing method produces the freshest cup of coffee possible, and the Travel Montana Mug lets you bring that morning deliciousness with you anywhere, and in five different colors no less!

Once you have all these marked on your packing checklist, head to our Festival Guide to Coachella 2014 for recommendations around Indio and Palm Springs plus festival insights.

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