Test Drive: Gogo Paris Mobile App

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on October 29, 2012

Lets face it, most travel guides out there only brush the surface of what to really do in a city. They're great if you only want to see the stereotypical tourist attractions, eat at restaurants surrounded by other english speakers, and wait in lines at every tourist trap in the city. But if that's not what you want out of your vacation, and Paris is your destination, get your hands on Gogo Paris instead.

This essential guide, available in print, digital, and mobile formats, will have you strutting around Paris like a local. While the same information is available on all three formats, the mobile app stands out among the rest. Unlike the printed guide, it is updated each season; unlike the online version, wifi is not necessary.

Use the mobile application to prepare for your trip before your flight lands by virtually exploring each area. The app is divided by district, the Paris version of a NYC neighborhood, making the choice of which hotel and location is right for you as easy as possible. Once accommodations are in order, browse Gogo Paris' 500+ hot spots for where the hippest locals are eating, drinking, sleeping, and hanging out around Paris. You can filter by tags such as budget, open late, vegetarian, wi-fi, grungy, and don't miss and then can save your own personal 'don't misses' to your favorites.

Once you're on the ground in Paris, the most useful feature besides the relevant tags is the ability to locate yourself on their interactive map. See which recommended hot spots are in your vicinity before you leave for another district and end up missing out. You can also utilize their Directory, which provides useful tidbits you may not worry about until in dire need. The directory and transport sections have your back on everything from using the metro, making phone calls, and Parisian etiquette to how to spot organic produce, where to get a tattoo, and what's the deal with drinking and drugs.

Now that the best features of the app for before and during your trip have been covered, here's some tips on using the app on the ground.
1. Go to settings to block internet access or set up warnings to avoid roaming charges
2. If you are a frequent Paris visitor or Gogo Paris user, look for the locations marked NEW
for those that have opened in the last 18 months.
3. If you have a limited time in Paris, or in a specific district, filter by the don't miss spots
for a time-sensitive itinerary.
4. If you remember something specific in one listing but forgot to save it to your favorites,
search a phrase or keyword you remember - the entire app is fully text-searchable.

Can't wait to get your hands on the guide? Download it via iTunes for $4.99. Can't wait to put it to use? Try it out at Pitchfork Paris taking place at Grande Halle de la Villette November 1-2, 2012.

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